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This Bi story posted by a Bi Male from Devon tells about joining our site and having a bit of home alone fun after chatting with a Devon Bi Male.... amazing how horny you can get just by chatting online with someone, read this members blog ..........

I woke up today and as it was my day off decided to have a nice lie-in and whilst laying back on the bed decided to do something about meeting with Devon bi guys so finally did something about it and joined up and started poking around the members many horny guys

It didn't take long before a few members profiles got my attention but it was this older guys profile that caught my eyes especially as he was online so send a flirt message to him and we got chatting, one thing led to another and we started chatting about things including the Devon cottaging scene thats now really a big no no....hence join this site

He started telling me some of his previous meets and his very sexy bi stories and this got me so worked up I had to do something about it......I decided to have some anal pleasure, after all when your in bed alone what better things to do than poke the old whole ........;o) I'm still newish to the bi scene although I've experimented a little with a finger in my ass, but never got anything from it......I know odd, but is fingering your own ass really that much fun? someone else doing it now that could be a different thing.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a small cucumber ( cum on I'm new to this anal play) and with some lube I lubed up my finger and squatted down, it was quite chilly in the kitchen which I think heightened my nervousness. Using my finger to massage my hole this helped me relax and open up a just a little and push a little lube into my ass

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I've used lube before however that was just for a bit of finger play ....yes I know I 'm a pussy, but this time I was going to be pushing something much bigger into my arse, well bigger for me least so I gave my make shift dildo with a good layer of lube. Taking the bottom in my hand, reached round under my ass and slowly moved down onto the tip of the cucumber.

As it started to slip into my arse I let out a moan of pleasure as I was slowly getting penetrated by the biggest thing i'd ever had in my little arse hole. I wasn't sure what to think but began to slowly move up and down over the tip feeling it gradually go further inside and I started to feel like I was really getting fucked, if just with a cucumber.

The feeling was amazing and I loved sensation as a warm feeling in my ass and I started to bounce higher on my toes, bringing the cucumber right into my and back out of again. I felt as though I getting really opened wide, but still needed a little more lube so stopped briefly to reapply my lube directly onto my ass hole and I breathed heavily as I slid my make shift dildo back into its new home....this was amazing why in fucks name I'd not done this years ago....

Fucking myself hard now I was more than able to side it in and out with ease and I was so open and more than ready for a good fucking and whilst I'd been giving all the attention to my arse my cock was now hard and even had some pre cum on the tip which I enjoyed and my cock was begging for attention but I resisted so that I could concentrate on fucking myself.

Changing positions I stood up and bending over a little and began to shove the dildo deeper and further but with my other hand...different hand different person fucking me LOL...yeah right. Doing it this way hit right on the mark and immediately felt my cock twitch almost like I wanted to oiss, but it waste it was a build up of cum waiting to explode out.

I was now fucking myself hard and began to tremble with the pleasure of my self fucking and my ass hole had a warm lovely feeling as I continued to ram my cucumber dildo into me. It had got to a stage where I could no longer resist the urges to play with my cock and grabbing it with my hand started wanking it and I think because I'd left it alone for so long whilst I was fucking myself this was the most sexual pleasure I had ever had and knew I approached orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yes " I moaned out as the dildo now rammed deep into my ass and was able to stroked my cock at the same rate and I started to come and two strokes later, my cum load burst out of my cock and moaned with immense pleasure as my cum flowed and had a massive powerful orgasm. My dildo was still pushed firmly and deep inside my ass and sitting back slowly removed it....with the warm glow from my ass and left me with such a wonderful feeling......something I will be doing again soon, but hopefully by meeting someone they will have the pleasure of fucking me...

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