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Having never spent any time in Wiltshire its one of the UK counties that I know very little about but after reading this crossdressing story submitted by a Devizes member it does seem a bit of a dead place to live mind you if you happen to love solders it could offer a completely different twist on it, after all we know there's no gay guys in the army is there?

I've never been into webcam sex but it does sound fun well thats so long as you don't use one of those paid porn site where you have to pay per minute to watch someone playing on webcam, mind you when you can log in and find members that like to play on webcam what's the point in paying for it.........its almost like the idea of paying for sex, why bother when you can use a swingers or contacts crossdressing website

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fortunately we have no shortage of members from Wilts so here's just a few members photos although I have blanked out their faces to hide ID's, but as a member you'll have full access to un cropped members photos and as most of the members have sent in large images a lot better than these thumbnail images posted here

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OK one word DEVIZES! can you ever imagine living in a sleepy village in Wiltshire where the most exciting thing that happens is the local farmer leaving his gate open - I juke NOT!! and as a bit of a closet crossdresser that made things a lot harder, but now thankfully thats all changed. My Xdressing life has always been a private one, probably because I’m extremely shy & nervous about first meeting others and the idea of going out to meet others is something that I think will never be on the cards.

But maybe things have changed as one night last week I wanted to see some porn as my current library of tranny porn was getting a bit stale and I was reading at work about streaming so thought I'd check it out, but I goy side tracked when I found this swingers & contacts website so curiosity got the better of me

I've never considered a contacts site before ands after looking around really thought "what the heck" and joined up, after all it was free LOL (yep I'm a tite arse) but soon realised that whilst being a free member got me into the members sections I couldn't really do much so joined up.

Once a full member I had a bit of poke around and after a while and looking at some profiles knew what I was going to say and found some "sexy" photos so added a profile, once done thought I'd go back to the chatroom section and check out some of the other members when this message came in from this guy in Hampshire asking if I wanted to join him for a private chat or if I wanted webcam chat as I'd mentioned in profile that I would like to use my webcam more and meet with members all over the world, after all what a great way t meet others, so put the webcam on and logged into the webcam section and clicked on the flashing alert message and opened up with this guy looking back at me

Once I got over the shock of how horny he was We chatted, just general stuff and it then that he told me about how he used to be married and his wife found out about his love for sucking crossdressers cocks or guys wearing french knickers and was the end of his marriage

He was a nice guy asking me about my past relationships and I told him that I was pretty inexperienced as I never when out dressed and had only met a few admirers, hence the reason for joining this site and my last boyfriend loved me wearing french knickers as well and it was then that he asked what I was wearing now as he couldn't see, so stood up and showed off my black french silk knickers and I was sure I heard his jaw hit the floor.

Pulling them to one side my cock came out and HARD and all I could hear on the other side was him getting his own dick out and starting to wank off he was saying that he wished he could be their to do that for me, or better still suck my cock, telling me that he would also love to fuck me as well and telling him to carry on as he was going to make me cum he carried on talking dirty and I just couldn't hold myself back and came all over my hand and sitting back down I could see that he'd also cum

We chatted for a while longer then both logged off agreeing to meet online and chat soon, but he also said that he'd like to visit so we'll see, but since that day I've now met with other more local contacts & admirers so things are looking up a little ..............

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want more - well unlike other contacts site I've placed direct links to text profiles (only) where you'll be able to read wiltshire crossdressing profiles but you won't have access to full photos, thats held back till you are a member

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