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Sunbathing, little did I know this was going to turn into watching my wife having sex outdoors

It was a summers day and being midweek we decided to head out to our favourite Littlehampton sand dunes for some naturist sunbathing and maybe even some fun in the dunes after all what better way to enjoy being a naturist and shagging the wife outdoors.

We knew this particular spot that was always pretty dead and for some extra fun took the camera along so I could get some photos of  my wife nude on the beach as whilst we are both West Sussex naturist we also enjoy the swinger scene and I could do with updating some of our profile photos with a fresh batch of outdoor photos.

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I was taking photos of her naked on the beach when a guy walked over...

She looked amazing as she's got a models figure and by that I mean a real figure not some stick inset and as she was stripping off I was taking photos. She’d got down to her knickers & bra and even started getting into some provocative poses, but still classy, after all this was my wife - OK a few open leg shots

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She looked gorgeous with the sunlight hitting her slim body and we were really starting to get into the flow, least my David Bailey skills was starting to creep out when this guy walked over "Oops sorry didn’t think anyone was here as I use this beach for naked sunbathing” my wife not being at all worried about her body was standing there naked and it was clear the guy was struggling with my wife being naked and passing her dress over to her she looked at the guy “am I embarrassing you being naked” he responded saying no and although he knew it was a naturist beach few people seemed to use it during the week.

The guy introduced himself as Mark, after all he was standing there looking at my wife with nothing on, not a problem you’d say on a naturist beach it happens all the time, but normally the guy isn’t starting to get a massive hard on that was now bulging in his jeans.

It was pretty clear that she noticed his huge bulge and suggested to Mark that he stripped off and enjoy the sunshine with them, he didn’t need to be asked twice and once naked she being she commented on the size of his cock  and that she’d seen a good few in her time but not one that size before

The topic of conversion soon when downhill from there and I knew just what my wife wanted as something we’d never tried before was dogging and this was an ideal chance especially with the beach being dead & me having the camera so she suggested he cam over and join her on the blanket

she then asked him “Have you ever wanted to have sex on the beach” with that he looked over to me and I smiled back and picking the camera up that was all he needed and started kissing and fondled each other. They wasted no time and Marks tongue was in her mouth and his hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy, she opened her legs giving him clear access to her erect clitoris and she was now slowly wanking him off, I was busy making sure I got all the action on the camera

She had now completely forgotten about that she was having sex on a nudist beach in West Sussex and moving down she started to suck his cock and moved around giving Mark access to her pussy. She was sucking his cock wanking him off and Mark tongue was licking her clit and moving slightly held the pussy lips open and got his tong deep inside she and they both enjoyed a long 69 in the open forgetting I was present - never been a cuckold husband before, interesting concept!

She then pulled away and lying back onto her back she opened her legs showing her pussy in all its glory and pulled Mark over towards her and it was pretty obvious she wanted to feel his cock inside her. He didn't hang around and getting on top placed his cock by her lips and slowly entered her, sinking his full length deep inside her. Moving around I wanted to get some shots of his cock fucking her and she groaned out in pleasure as I saw her lips stretched wide open taking his cock.

They changed positions and she lay on her side and with a free hand Mark held her leg up in the air and started to fuck her from behind and with his free hand moved it around and was rubbing her clit with his finger. I had a great view and was able to see every intimate detail of fucking.

She was groaning really quite loudly and I think she forgot that she was having sex on the beach and it was clear she was nearing her climax, moving faster her movements became more frantic and then Mark came inside her just at the time she came as well they both continued to fuck a few more thrusts making sure every drop of cum was inside her and then gently pulling out and I got it all on video right down to the cum dripping out after his cock was fully withdraw.

After we exanged email addresses and I said I would send on a copy of the video - next time I'm going to join in as cuckold doesn't suit this husband...

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