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You know something I think its about time we put the West Sussex transvestites scene on the MAP....and blow out of the water that this region is sleepy me when you read the personals you'll soon see just what I mean ;o).

Having worked for many years around the West sussex region I wished back then we had access to the interenet...or more adult personals websites as I struggled to meet with West Sussex tgirls and then even with the local personals in the press it was pretty hopeless....but boy has that all changed now, sadly for me I no longer work in the county...

Its no longer a case of where to meet local contacts as just about everyone I know use the personals websites, its really a case now of which one to join and thats the reason we have posted this introduction page showing you just some members........but ;o) you access for FREE to all contacts

Unlimited access to West Sussex trannies...FACT... thats right unlike most other sites we show you out members and you don't even need to join us to access the local members...You can't contact the members till you join up but what it will do is give you a little sample as to whats on offer for West Sussex TV/TS/CD or there admirers

Only samples of trannies....ugh no admirers... LOL trust me theres pages of them posted by guys, girls & couples so whilst I could post some here, trust me what ever your looking for in an admirer we've got em ;o) .......

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Enjoy the samples and make sure you use the free link to access even more but remember, right now all you can do is look but no touchy, but considering basic membership is free you could be also touching a hotty from West Sussex TONIGHT, more on isn't meets on right and just how it works.

  • Access All Profiles (West Sussex Straight Tgirl ):- hello all I'm a straight tgirl in West Sussex thats her to meet up and Mr Right!! is he on this site? I'm a slim Tgirl thats looking for masculine straight acting guys that enjoy the company of girls that have that extra little something tucked away inside there knickers ;o). I'm not a full time transsexual although would love to be, but work and life! so I spend every free moment dressed which means normally friday night to Sunday with dressing in something pretty during the week, although I don't quite go to the same effort as you can see in my photos. I'm not looking for one offs but something long term and with a guy that will be happy to go out with me so that means you must be single!!! NO MARRIED guys. We can meet at mine, but I will want to meet in a bar first, so drop me a line and lets chat and then see where it takes us . (more)
  • Access All Profiles (West Sussex TV ):- Are there any local tv/ts/cd that would help me with my look? I've been xdressing for a few months since I became single and I'm struggle to make me look anything like an attractive female and just keep looking some drag queen!. I'm bi and have been more than curious about the trans scene and now want to do something about it. Anyone want to help, we can have some fun as well and can meet at mine . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( dogging around W.Sussex ) :- I'm quite new to the scene and looking to meet with some understanding members for outdoor meets locally. I love dressing fully as a women, although would never pass at daytime but night I'm OK so long as its dark lol. I'm after meets with guys that will treat me as a female letting me suck them off and maybe even pop my cherry as I'm a virgin CD and would love to feel a man inside me. I've been practing and now ready for the real thing. I don't mind meeting up on webcam either but only so we can chat online and see each other as I'm not really into webcam sex so please don't ask for cam 2 cam meets its NOT for me. I'm not experienced so only gentle and patient males need contact me and I like outdoor sex and have a few places in mind where we can meet up .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( CD in West Sussex ):- anyone fancy some fun with a guy thats into pantyhose / tights & stockings? I don't fully xdress but I love wearing tights and then having sex with similar guys as I love to feel a hard cock through tights. I can accommodate or we can meet up at a dogging site should you prefer and I'll have my tights on under my jeans. Only looking for tights loves . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( TS in West Sussex ):- I'm a TS that would like to meet with similar attractive people of any sex, although guys if you just send me a one line message saying you'll fuck me silly then your not going to get a response, put a little effort in!. I'm a Transsexual female (TS m2f) thats full time and have been for a couple of years and now have real breasts although I'm still functional down below and will stay that way as I'm still rather attached to my little thing!. I work for a very understand guy that right from the start told him and he was fine so my day job is his PA. I'm a genuine transwomen that has a lot qualities but I'm missing out on a bit of fun and thats why I joined this site to meet up with members for fun, going out or staying in. I'm not able to get an erection anymore so its pointless asking if I fuck guys, but I do have a strap on and I'm very interested in the cuckold scene and would like to meet couples . (more)

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