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The idea of finding a NSA gay fuck buddy is one of the reason many bi males and gay guys join adult contacts websites and certainly if thats what your after you won't be looking for long .....

This story was posted by a gay guy after he meet with a guy from the site and whilst sex in the back of a car isn't ideal its a lot of fun ..........

I joined the site manly to meet with guys for NSA sex as I'd been involved in a relationship with another guy for a few years that basically went really wrong towards the end and now all I wanted was some good old sex...so joined to find gay fuck buddys and it didn't take long ......probably because I'm hot ;o)

I logged in one night and after looking around the chatroom I soon left as I do find gay chatrooms a bit clicky somethings and prefer reading guys blogs and commenting on those, but I'd just left when I got this private message from a guy and asked if I would like to chat one on one so I agreed and after an hour of chatting online we were both more than ready to meet up as by that point we & he was obviously horny as hell.

I couldn't accommodate as I had a temporary logger and he suggested we meet up at a very private cottaging location he knew and had used a few times so after he gave me detailed directions we both signed off and agreed to meet in half an hour by a local lay by and I would then follow him as he told me I would never find it otherwise. Pulling into the lay by he was already outside the car waiting and walking over as no one was around I gave him a kiss, just a peck but he responded and then eagerly pointed me towards his car saying we might just as well go in his and he'll bring me back afterwards..

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Walking around the car I looked back at him and noticed him as he bent over to unlock the door and took my chance to run my hand across his firm arse and straight away he raised his arse against my hand and we both knew we needed to get somewhere more private so both got into the car. Heading down this little county lane I could see why he said it was private and we soon pulled off the main lane onto a small old farm holding and pulled up by one of the large old barns, and it was about as dark and private as it could be although i'd be fucked if I was going outside as it was a bit spooky lol

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Opening his door he got out and pushed his front seat right forward, so I did the same and we both got back into the car on the real seats closing the doors behind us and I soon kicked things off by reaching over and rubbing the shape of his cock through his jeans. He wasn't hard, but not limp either and he was starting to firm up with my rubbing and teasing. He soon followed and was doing the same to me and we both had some fun teasing each other enjoy the feeling each other through our jeans, but this wasn't going to last.

His excitement was clearly too much so we both peeled off our clothing and got our first good look at each other's cocks and I wasn't disappointed. He was about 6" and a good fat cock and not too dissimilar to mine and we spent a little time teasing each other with hands on cocks and balls before he lowered his head towards mine and wrapped his lips close over my cock.

He didn't hold back and took me deep straight away into his mouth, running his tongue along my cock and soon started to bob his head as I fucked his mouth, whilst I was now wanking him and teasing the length of his own cock, which was rock hard. He sucked me off for while then lifted up and licked his lips and was watching me for a while teasing his cock with my hand pulsing under my touch as I played around the rim.

I could see a little pre cum on his cock and wanted it myself, but he returned to continue his sucking and sitting back in this guys car I just took in the moment for a while enjoying his oral skills, he pulled his head up and looking towards me ask me if I would fuck him "in this space" I said and he said he'd fucked in his car once before and even in this tight space if we swivel around its OK and at first I wasn't sure but thinking back to that tight little butt we started to try and get into some decent positions.

It didn't take long before he was on my lap and with no lube my cock inside straight and deep inside him and he felt wonderful and tight and I was really quite surprised with no lube how deep inside I was and we both soon started to pumped back and we got into a rhythm as I fucked him after about 10 minutes I told him I was going to cum inside him and he straight away pulled off me and lowered his mouth onto my cock and I shot my load and he sucked taking every drop and When he finally realized there was no pulled back and straight away wanked himself and moving my hand onto his arse slipped three fingers into him and wiggled them around and moving my head down onto his cock I just got there in time before he shoot the biggest load I've had in my mouth and sucking him dry move up and we kissed swapping tongs and juices.

After we sat and caught our breaths before getting into the front seats and he dropped me back at my car and headed in different directions. I didn't see him online again, but thats not my last meet and I'll tell you more later especially the one involving a glory hole!! yep I found a working one and milked it for all I could get for 6 days ...I've never swallowed so many cum loads

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