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When you think of a region like East Sussex it really does make you wonder why any Sussex gay members join up, but whilst the gay scene maybe strong with its close ties to Brighton a lot of guys are not into the scene so prefer meeting via gay contacts sites, in fact just like this Eastbourne gay member

The Sussex gay contacts we have seem to cover every type of member you'd expect from a this region with personals submitted by young gay or bi males to mature males or those that are just looking for sussex cottaging meets it really doesn't mater where your needs are we can help

Whilst this member lives in Eastbourne we've also added some sample photos adverts placed by East Sussex gay males so whilst you can enjoy this members story you can also see just whats on offer from our members

Joined a contacts site..........but I was still VERY nervous about meeting up!!

For some years I've know that I was gay and living in Eastbourne didn't really help me that much as I'm a bit of a nervous queer LOL and never had the bottle to meet with other guys even being on the Brighton doorstep and even the straight guys know what the Brighton gay scene is like ..

I knew the only way forward was via a contacts website so looked around and join up to Swingers Zone as they seem to have a few local members and the fees were right..... free ;o) As a member after looking around I sent out a few messages and it became clear that the only way forward was to pay, but the contacts were there so bugger ( ooooh arrrh)

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These photos are pulled directly from the member section showing current gay members but are not necessarily cottaging contacts

my first pissing contact with Eastbourne gay male - stories by county

At last I really felt like I was starting to make progress, I’d joined a contacts site, posted my advert and even had a few gay & bi guys contacting me.  Pete seemed a nice guy so I arranged to meet up at his place.

All week I was worrying about what would happen and at one stage nearly backed out, but i had to do it as I’d been fantasying about sex with another man for so long NOW was my chance to really have it

I got to his place and Pete invited me and we made general chit chat for a while before we moved into the bedroom, by now my heart was banging with being so horny and excited about sex. We sat of the bed and he caressed me taking my tshirt off, then undid my trousers and standing up he pulled them right off and there I was standing totally naked in front of a guy and he moved forward and started playing with my cock.

I moved forward and pushed my hand inside his trousers and moving a little I pulled his trousers off and was sucking his dick. After a few minutes he pulled me up and moved me back further onto the bed and laying on top of me started kissing me pushing his cock against mine, my first reaction was to wrap my legs around him and pull him into me deeper but he stopped me and told me to flip over

He moved up and started kissing the back of my neck and with him laying on top of me could feel his cock pushing against my arse and I so wanted him inside me that I pushed my arse towards him, but this made him pull away !! little did I know why. He move down and pulling my ass cheeks apart started to rim my asre and the feeling was so intense having his tong rimming all around my arse it was all I could do to stop myself from cumming

He pushed his tongue right into my ass, but then felt a finger start teasing my arse and slip into me and looking around I could see some lube on the bed and knew then I was going to get treated to a fucking. I didn’t have to wait long as he removed his finger and rubbing some lube onto his cock laid back on top of me

With him lying on top of me asked me if i wanted a fuck and by now his cock was pressing right into my arse and this time I pushed right back as I felt his cock slip into me, at first it was uncomfortable and I was very tight but as I told him he would be taking my gay virginity said he would go easy but FUCK was he good as he slipped further into me

By now he was deep inside me and, he started fucking me gently and then slowly increasing the speed with each penetration until he was fucking me hard and slapping against my arse with each fuck. I was getting used to it and it did hurt a little but I sure as fuck didn’t want him to stop, which he then did !!! and turning me over moved up and I opened my mouth and he came all over my face but I made sure I still sucked his cock tasting his cum

We stopped to get our breath back and leaning forward asked if I was into golden showers / pissing as he told me he wanted to piss over me and as he’d just taken my virgin gay as thought why not so led me to the bathroom and kneeling down pissed directly into my face, and whilst doing this I opened my mouth and drank his piss back and LOVED it, in fact it was so horny we went back into the bedroom and carried on for another 2 hours of fucking, pissing drink and DIRTY sex, just how I love it

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