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Like the idea of cuckold sex? well planned cuckoldry in other words couples that join a swingers website to meet with males is fun - but when your a husband thats forced to watch your wife fucking other guys thats a completely different arrangement - Although reading this story its clear the wife was looking towards humiliating her Husband

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With this slow down in the economy I knew at some stage it would effect us, but little did I know HOW! after all we know jobs can be on the line but would you include watching some guy fuck your wife in that equation as well! - Suppose it start about 6 mths ago as we were both made redundant at the same time and as we both were paid very well it hit us HARD - after all have you tried to live on what the government hand out

We knew we needed jobs quickly what with rent on our luxury flat we had and a lifestyle that we really didn't want to change, but saving were dropping fast and with the rent now 2 months over due I knew I had to speak with the landlord to see if something could be worked out - little did I know that my wife would be the answer

We invited him round one evening as we didn't want to let on that we'd lost our jobs and whilst we'd been renting the flat in Brighton for sometime had never meet the guy and only knew him as Jon, but when he turned up!! well to say we both surprised would be an understatement as the guy only looked about 25 and really wondered how he’d managed to get flats like this to rent out, he'd been very lucky and had big money in their family and when his father died their was a property portfolio off 10 properties left !  

We opened some wine but I could see the guy was on edge so as Cindy (my wife) sat opposite him and really turned on the flirting, almost to a stage where I was thinking she fancied him, mind you to be honest ANY guy in his right mind would, she tail, legs that go on forever, long blonde hair and can talk as dirty as any guy I know.

Then Jon got straight onto business, and asked what the problem was, not waiting to saying anything first cindy started it and just came right out and told him we couldn't afford the rent and what needed to be done so we could stay in the flat as new jobs were on the cards but not for another month, and seeing the way Jon was looking her she smiled crossing her legs making sure her dress rolled right up! - with this Cindy knew from his reaction what was on the cards and slowly opening her legs she showed off her knickers, and smiling at him said "you wanna touch it" and walking over put his hand up her skirt and started to finger her

I really didn't know what to do at first, we'd often spoke about some of the Brighton Swingers Clubs & we'd even watched a few swingers DVDs with the cuckold husband theme but actually watching your wife getting fingered by another guy was really odd and he looked over to me and asked if I was "cool" about this and told him to fill his boots

Cindy was doing what she does best and had complete control, in fact I often thought / hoped that our sex life would turn down the bdsm contacts road with her as some strong femdom that loved to humiliate men, and with the cuckold movies still in mind I think this was actually what she wanted, her husband sat back on the chair while SHE let a give finger fuck her. I could hear how wet she was getting and knew she was enjoying every second after all the guy wasn't ugly and from the way she was moving around knew actually what her was doing but I also think the idea of me having to watch her was getting her turned on big time

She then told Jon to pull his hand away and after licking his finger stood up, undid his trousers and pulled them down and slowly started to wank him off! looking towards me she could see by now I had a massive hard on and told me if I was a good cuckold (she'd never used that term towards me before) that I may get to fuck her after

Then wanking Jon harder she could see that he was going to cum so moved her head down and licking the end of his cock maybe him cum extremely easily, then sucked his cock right to the back of her throat and the guy almost fell onto the floor where she sucked him so hard!

After he's gone we chatted and she told me Jon had agreed to not chase them about the rent and we could have a few months, but asked if we wanted to meet at a local swingers bar the following month as they were having a greedy girl night and said I would fit right in, but before then we wanted to try more cuckolding so posted an ad and now I've watched her getting fucked by 3 guys and we are both looking forward to the party night...

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Access All Profiles - Hi we are M & C from Brighton looking for single VWE single guys for cuckoldry or couples for local meets. We are both considered attractive and a GSOH. As you can see from Cindy's photos she does love to dress up and enjoys femdom & hotwife sex so any guys drop us a line. We are not looking for beer bellies or hair contacts ( both male & females LOL ) contact us soon and let meet for a drink - or three Brighton / East Sussex