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Since joining Swingers Zone I’ve gone from being a tame women that has sex with the lights out to attending my first swingers party….this story involves a few members from here and names have been changed to protect the innocent although trust me at this Bedfordshire swingers party there was no innocent swingers lol 

After our meet with the last couple and enjoying going down and licking her smooth pussy I wanted to make sure my pussy was smooth as it comes so hit the local health club and had the full treatment with my pussy having a waxing (yes it does hurt, but worth it) and a fully body spray tan and afterwards standing in front of the full length mirror was feeling quite pleased with the end result, even having a little play whilst looking at myself and imagining what fingers, tongues & cock were going to go inside me tonight

I wanted to be dressed or should I say undressed to impress and Iain bought me some sexy outfits including hold ups, tiny knickers and matching sexy bra finished with a sexy little halter neck dress and height heels, the dress only just about covered my stocking tops and from the look of Iain I hit the spot with my look…as this was out first swingers party I was also very nervous along with Iain ….but a few shots will resolve that.


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Getting to the house we really weren’t sure how many would be attending we knew that Debs & Mark was going to be there and hopefully after our first bifem experience where I enjoyed her baby smooth pussy she would return the job and enjoy my new smooth pussy …..fingers crossed  

Tonight was going to be least for me about pushing my own limits after all that’s why we are all here isn’t it? I set my mind towards taking whatever was offered me whether it was from males, females, both or even group and after my last few meets I was starting to understand what I liked in the swinging scene and one thing I knew I got extremely turned on knowing my husband was watching and often taking photos.

Debs & Mark were pleased to see us again and was hopefully looking forward to a less nervous meet this time, but little did either of them know we’d been playing hard since then and a lot has happened in just four weeks.  They introduced us to some other others at the party and the 12 or so guests and most looked around our age, looks and build and I would say it was a pretty good mix of couples. The evening started like any “normal” party with everyone chatting over some drinks and nibbles and for a while I was wondering WHEN are we going to strip off and have sex LOL was this a swingers party or social and it was turning into a very civilised meet.

We’d all been chatting and drinking for an hour or so and whilst the conversation was about past swingers parties and even a few swingers horror stories ( thats for another day) other than some kissing with newly formed couples it was like any other party plus everyone was still dressed. Then at last Mark came into the room and said it was about time ( long over due) to warm things up and showed a pack of cards and said about forfeit game so we all sat back onto a couple sofas and some single chairs to form a small circle, with a stool in the centre.

Once we were all seated there was five guys & 3 women and thinking to myself that’s me sorted whats everyone else going to do I noticed now the others at the party was standing around watching. Mark dealt the cards and said it was basically poker with a stripping twist and the person with a lowest card has to lose an item of clothing, fine and knowing the women would basically be down underwear after the first loss the guys were more than keen, some would say unfair, I say an ideal time to tease guys

Susan (I charged her name ) sat by me and whilst it was clear she was way more top heavy than me it was also clear she was very nervous and leaning towards my ear whispered this was her first and wasn't sure how it would go LOL like I’m a old pro. The first hand was dealt and one guy and without hesitation dropped his jeans to cheers from the others, some more hands went around with guys and then a women close to me loosing out

At last things were moving along and it was starting to look more like a swingers party and the atmosphere was getting more relaxed helped along by drinks. Then Susan lost a hand and standing up undid the back of her dress and let it drop to the floor showing off a beautiful basque, now I thought beautiful guys around from there look saw sex…she also had stocking & suspenders with purple knickers that matched her basque but it was her massive tits that were clearly getting all the encouragement

It was clear that Susans nerves now virtually stripped had gone more so because like most she was getting turned on. It was my turn to now remove something as I had lost a card and standing up I slipped my hands under my dress and removed my knickers only to my surprise to get a somewhat negative response, so then undid the hauteur neck and let my dress fall to the floor and I was standing there virtually naked, this time getting cheered on, by now like Susan nerves had gone and more and more were loosing and others getting down underwear.

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