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Do YOU have a Hot Tub and fancy some swingers meets? then join us and hold a hot tub swingers party

When it comes to a great way to kick start some swinging with other couples theres clearly one thing alone that help that and thats a hot tub!

Lets be honest whats a better way to start swapping and swinging with other couples by suggesting that everyone strips off and gets into the hot tubs for some swingers sex in a hot tub

It always used to be if you had Pampas grass in your front garden that was a sign that you were swingers, these days we've gone more high tech and personally thats down to the UK hot tubs industry and that now a lot of swinging couples own and enjoy hot tubs

Having owned a hot tub and being a swinger for some years I can say theres no doubt that not only is a great way to kick start a party or meet but its an easy way of saying lets swap without really saying it as you know everyone will need to strip

Make sure you locate your swingers hot tub well

They say location is everything when buying a house well trust me placing your hot tub is VITAL if you're going to be inviting swinging friends round for some sex in the hot tub, after all the last thing you want is neighbours spying on you - or maybe you are a bit of exhibitionist and like the ideal of people spying on you whilst your swinging in your hot tub ;o)

Meeting with hot tub swingers is EASY and its just a case of joining up and posting your profile then should you want a party around your hot tub its a simple case of posting up party details telling people that you have a hot tubs, in fact some "lucky" members will have swimming pools and saunas too, am I green with envy, too bleeding right!!

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Myths on having Swingers sex in hot tubs

Its really quite amusing when you hear people talking about have sex in hot tubs and saying how dangerous it is !! trust me that only thing thats dangerous about having a hot tub swingers party is if your going down on some women or guy and the other person is holding your head down as your just about to hit that moment LOL

The only thing you need to be aware of is that the hot tub is well maintained and that the chemical balance / cleanness of the hot tub is good and if your in a swingers club then thats pretty well assured due to the usage but at someone's home its a little difficult and your not going to have a chemical test kick tucked away some where to check the water balance !!

So trust in the couple comes into play and knowing if a couple are inviting your into there swingers hot tub for swapping that they themselves have ensured its clean........after all its not like they are not going to using it themselves

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