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Bifem webcam sex doesn't get any better, especially when the bifemale you've been talking to wants to meet

Whilst its hard for us guys to accept women are more than able to please themselves without us, after all when you have a willing bifem tong and a strap on why would bisexual females need males, other than to tease us and that normally means letting us watch and hopefully join in - sometimes

This story started out with a couple of horny Bifemales enjoying themselves within the free webcam chatroom's, but things soon took a turn when it was suggest by the boyfriend to meet up , can’t ever think why LOL - enjoy this story and I’ll keep my eyes open for the second installment of this members webcam bi sex story    

It started out bifem fun in the webcam chat, but it soon turned into more - My Blog story, but its no fiction this REALLY happened, last week in fact

I often hang around the chatroom chatting to members and recently after upgrading my laptop had a new toy to play with that was a webcam….was I going to have fun with this, but little did I know just how frustrating using the webcam chatroom could be….

First a bit about me, I’ve been a member for some time and this is the first time I’ve posted in the blog and thought I’d start with a little story that I’ll be posting over the next few days. I’m a bisexual women and have meet with a few females and couples from here as so far so good..

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I’d been chatting to Debbie in a webcam chatroom for sometime and whilst she was a good few hours away from me it was fun talking and seeing just what she was getting up to. What started out as a bit of teasing we both agreed that at some stage we would need to meet up as we both were keen to take things a lot further than just some webcam sex.

We’d been chatting for last 2 hours and I’m just glad I wasn’t paying for this by the minuet and YES before you ask I’ve logged into bifem webcam premium sites so that I can have some girls only fun…cum on I’m only human and sometimes when you have an itch its got to be scratched. After chatting to Debbie about what we both liked, and didn't we knew no matter how far apart we had to meet….even if that meant us both driving half way and booking a hotel

Chatting with Debbie we were discussing what we would do to each and I was so glad that no one was around to hear the dirty things I was telling Debbie, most involving my tongue, fingers and my very favourite strap on of which I’ve got a few. By the time Debbies boyfriend got home she was soaking wet it was frustrating for me as I was alone and knew that her boyfriend was probably going to get the best fuck he’d had in weeks….but my new friend left the cam on so I could play peeping tom and watch her.

When he walked in she dropped to her knees ripping his jeans off and after sucking him and fucking him silly he wanted to know just what had worked her up so much and it was then Debbie pointed his attentions toward the screen & the webcam and introduced him to me. Watching them both had me stuffing my wet pussy with my dildo and when they looked over I was still having fun, after telling him about what we both wanted to do to each Mark (her boyfriend) said 'fuck this why talk about it, lets get in the car and make it happen, we could be there in couple of hours!'

When he said this my heart started racing ahead, this wasn't what I’d expected and I assumed I was going to have a quite night in alone with a bottle, porn video & some toys, but the idea of meeting Debbie left me so excited

I knew it would take them a couple of hours to drive to me so arranged to meet at a local bar in town and that was contently close to my house and spent the next couple of hours getting ready paying special attention to giving my pussy a very close shave. My tummy was flipping with butterflies and I was getting wet just thinking about the naughty things we said that we would do when we meet, now it was going to happen NOW……  

Once in the bar I got a couple of dutch courage drinks and looked around for a quite table where I knew we wouldn’t get attention from the locals. As it was peeing down I was dressed in a long black coat, with a very short dress under it and black leather boots.  After about 15 mins Debbie & Mark walked in and Debbie walked over whilst Mark sorted a drink and straight away gave my a slow kiss on the cheek.

Sitting down I placed my hand on her leg and felt her quiver with excitement, but Mark returned and cooled us both both and sat down opposite us. You could see just what was going through his mind Mmmmmm FFM but I had other ideas and it was leaving Mark here and me taking Debbie back home and us girls fucking each other silly, but as he’d just driven for 2 hours I suppose …….LOL bitch

He had a grin like a cheshire cat but I suppose it was understandable he knew he was at next two hot bifems that without a doubt were going to have sex tonight and he would be involved in some “small” way but either way it was going to be an evening to remember.

We all got chatting but my hand kept drifting over towards Debbies leg and each pass I was slowly managed to work my hand up inside her skirt so that I was able to feel her shaven pussy as she told me she wasn’t going to wear knickers so it was clear that someone else had just had a fresh shaven as her pussy was so smooth. I was able to  run my finger up her lips and her juices were starting to seep onto my finger and Debbie knew it was time to head to my flat

To be continued...

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