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First time sex with another Bifemale real Bifem stories, they really don't get much better, read, enjoy and better still join and post your bifem advert

What guy doesn't love reading bifem stories well it may surprise you but just as many female swingers enjoy reading either real life bifem stories or fictional, although this members blog has a lot more stories about bisexual fun

The question is would you be able to act on your urges like this bifemale? and whilst she may have joined the site after only have sex with one other bifem she knew just what she wanted after her first bifem sex. Read her story and for loads more submitted within members blogs join us today and whether your a bifem female or just curious you can be sure of having lots of reading material and more so profiles to check out and contact

My first sex with another bi female ......and now looking for MORE....

Just how I first got into sex with other girls, I’d never considered myself as a bifem as I’d never really looked at other women in that way…..well that used to be the case, now well it’s a different story. Read my first bifem experience story and whilst I’m no lesbian I’m loving meeting up with other bifem's for some girls only fun. It happened during the summer when me and the boyfriend went camping with some friends.

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We’d set up this huge great tent that we’d hired and once done headed off down to the local to enjoy some wine, once in this bar it was packed as little did we know now that a local footie game was on and needless to say the guys were far more interested in that than us so we sat down and drank a few bottles of wine

We’d been drinking for a few hours and we were ready to get back to the tent but the guys wanted to stay on so we staggering back alone, once in the tent Sue says that’s she’s really horny as wine tends to have that effect on her and it was then she wished that her boyfriend had returned with us, laughing out I told her to make do with her fingers .

Getting into our sleeping bags I knew Sue was really horny, just not how horny!! She then says to me 'Beth, you maybe happy with a finger or two, but I used to be in the GG and come prepared” and with that shows me a little vibrator and with that her hand vanished almost straight away inside her sleeping bag.

Moving over I pulled back the sleeping bag to see her legs wide apart and this little vibrator humming on her pussy, giggling, 'if your good when I finished you can use it , assuming the batteries last out”, and with that it slipped into her pussy. She was moving in and out and didn’t give a fuck I was sat right next to her watching, true the drink probably had a lot to do with it but she really just didn’t give a fuck and was now moaning

Watching her I suddenly realised I was getting wet and whilst I’d never watched another girl playing with herself before I just couldn’t control myself and so reached out and put my hand onto her pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy and she then moved her hand away leaving me to carry on playing with her

Just sliding the vibrator into her pussy was really turning me on and moving it onto her clit I held it firmly against it and then starting to move it slowly around which made her groan out louder, she then arched her back up forcing the vibrator deep into her pussy and my fingers inside as well and I knew that I was making Sue cum which start making me even wetter.

Looking at me she smiled and then to my surprise asked if I wanted the same and with that placed her hand on my thighs and her hand moved up before slowly inserting her finger into my soaking puss “fuck beth your wet” and with that just smiled and she slowly pushed the vibrator over my pussy flicking my clit with it making me shudder in excitement.

She then pushed right inside me and started to fuck my pussy and all I could think was “FUCK I’m having sex with my best friend and its amazing” and now laying back I wanted her so much, she told me to roll over and as she was fucking me with the vibrator from behind was kissing my neck and back which really turns me on  and she was hitting the mark far batter than my boyfriend was

Sue then turned me around and moved down to my pussy and started kissing and licking me before her tongue hit my clitoris and moving my hand down pushed her head harder into my pussy and now the vibrator had been replaced with fingers and tong and within a few seconds came!

We laid back and moving up she kissed me and for the first time I kissed another women and loved it. We chatted for a while and agreed not to tell our boyfriends and for the next few month meet up a few times a month till she moved with her job, this then left me alone and by then the boyfriend was becoming a bit dull so I decided to finish with him and join a swingers site to meet up with other bifem contacts...

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