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When you have voracious sexual appetite like mine arranging NSA sex is often the best way forward as it saves the aggravation of telling the boyfriend or husband that you want to fuck strangers and enjoy NSA sex… read my confession

I joined this site to meet with males for no strings attached sex as I figured being a swingers site everyone would know just why people were members and so posted my profile up. I started meeting with males and even bi females (yes I’m bi - aren’t all females?) got myself a few fuck buddies) and one night I was so horny even though it was 11 text one of the guys and this is a true story from a self confessed female sex maniac - am I a sex addict, too fucking right I am!

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I never intended to invite him round as I wanted a rest from sex, after all since being a member I’ve probably fucked more guys in 3 months than I had during the year, so tonight I was heading off alone. Once I got into bed my hands soon drifted between my legs and slipping upwards towards my pussy I was starting  to rub my pussy through my white cotton knickers and within a few seconds I was saturated and my knickers looked like I’d pissed my knickers rather than my juices leaking out.

So in desperation for a tongue, finger, fist or cock IN FACT anything I texted him telling him get round here and fuck me, I got a response saying he would be there in 15 minutes (picked a local guy), so heading downstairs I unlocked the front and headed back to bed, that was just up my street.

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Hearing his bike pull up I heard the door open and he walked in and straight upstairs he went into the bathroom first and I knew he was stripping and once into the bedroom he lifted the sheet from me and within a few seconds was between my thighs and his tongue was licking the crotch of my knickers that were so wet he must have been lapping my juices up enjoying my juices.

Teasing me with his tongue his hands are now slipping under my bum and running his fingers teases me right down my cleft knowing just how to work me up and soon finding my rosebud. Still having my soaked knickers on he pulls then to one side and moves his mouth against my pussy and I’m so wet he could almost drink my juices and if he did it would be the BEST juices in the world (Carlsberg reference) sliding a finger into my pussy he wipes it all around getting loads of my juices then returning to my asshole and starts to rub it.

The attention of his tongue returns back to my pussy and starts licking me pushing fingers into both my pussy and my arse as he knows that I love double penetration and two insertions are always better than one. I was so worked up that by now I was gushing and moving onto my hands and knees my pussy is being pushed into his face and still my knickers are just pulled to one side but being cotton and SOOOO wet they're just staying to one side without being held.

Pushing me onto my back my legs are spreading wide and pushing a finger deep inside me he soon pushed another and being so wet his fingers were slipping inside so easy due to my juices flowing and I was wondering if he was going to treat me to a fisting as I knows my pussy is more than able to take a fist and some pretty massive toys but this time he changed and was pushing his fingers quickly in and right out of me to return them deep and hard and by now I rubber my clit against his other hand and by now I’m shaking and soak the bed as I squirt everywhere.

Pushing fingers hard into me I can smell my musky juices and pushing and groaning he makes me cum again and quickly almost continuously I’m cumming again and again with each thrust of his fingers and now I’m soaking us both in my cum juices

He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and bringing his hand towards my mouth and I lap the juices from his fingers and palm and then rubbing his wet hand into my tits moves up and sucks my nipples that are now like bullets they are so rock hard. The bed is now soaked with my juices and turning me over back onto my knees he comes up behind me and I feel the tease of his cock against my arse not knowing if I going to be treated by a good anal fucking or my pussy receive further attention!

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