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For many guys the idea of meeting with a women thats squirts when she comes is just a dream or fantasy but it doesn't have to be. This story was sent in by a member that joined us to meet with these women that basic squirt cum juices when they cum, often refereed as squirting or gushing within the adult film industry

Having watched some of these squirting porn videos I can see the why guys want to meet with these women as it does look VERY horny although I do have my doubts that all the women in these porn videos really do squirt, but thats not to say it doesn't happen as I know it does. Read this members story and if the idea of having a women squirting cum over your face turns you on join us today and start looking around at female profiles

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OK I knew about squirting women and after watching if on a webcam I just had to do something about meeting these female Swingers...

Like most guys I've watched most types of porn and recently a friend showed me this video he had on the Iphone that he took of a girl he was seeing that basically soaked him in cum juices when she came. He told me in great detail grrrrrr he much of a turn on it was when she squirts, this left me wanting to find more about these women. You know this whole thing with women that can squirt got me interested and what started out as just a mild fascination turned into a fantasy / fetish and whilst my interested first started after watching a webcam show its now moved onto meeting these women.

Whilst you can’t beat the real deal especially so when they squirt all over your face the webcam show was kinda my introduction and after seeing this girl on webcam knew then it was my dream to meet a girl and enjoy the splash of cum juices in the flesh so to speak

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I know women that can squirt are quite a rare ability and only one of my friends was lucky enough to have a girlfriend that did, unfortunately they weren’t swingers and he wouldn’t share so had to turn towards porn sites. Watching it for the first time was a real eye opener and likewise the technique used was a bit of a surprise. At the time I was logged into this webcam porn show and didn't even know about the “end” feature when she gushed all over the lens

I still remember the girls name now, least the one she was working under it was “Debbie” and even thought a few years ago remember it well, I’d been chatting to her within the main chatroom which I knew was always a tease to get guys to pay to go private but if your after a bit of fun its some way of spending a cheap night, until you want more.

After messing around in the public chat I was rock hard and offered her to go private, which needless to say she was happy about as that’s how they make cash. Once inside the private chatroom was a lot better. Not knowing at that time that Debbie was a squirter I said that I would like to watch her playing with herself, maybe fingering or using some toys and asked if she would stand up naked so I could see her fully.

She was amazing sexy body, great tits and hair almost to her bum but it was when she sat back down and opened her legs she started to play with pussy the was neatly trimmed but not totally shaven which is my preference.

She started by fingering her puss easing fingers into her as she was clearly very wet as you could by now see juices dripping from her she then reached over and grabbed vibrator and asked if I was happy “hell yeah love fuck away” I could see the way Debbie was fucking herself that she really got off showing off in public and having sex like this whilst guys watched and by the looks of things loved this vibrator.

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She slid it into herself and then slowly out and once wet wet with her juices started to rub it onto her clit and with her eyes shut she was really getting off onto this and by now I was wanking like crazy, not giving a fuck about the amount of time or how much it was costing.

She then arched her back and shot this fluid across and at first having never seen it before didn’t know she’d just cum and basically my jaw dropped first out of shock then due to it being so unexpected and fucking horny, it was then that Debbies told me its something she doesn’t always happen and only happens when she's really turned on.

Shortly afterwards I left remembering the clock was ticking and it was then that I had to make sure that I met these women in real live and this is where I’m at now. I’ve uploaded my profile and posted this blog so that hopefully the female swingers that do squirt will read it and contact me.

I will update this further when I hopefully meet members so for now its bye...

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