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I may well NOT be the best at writing bdsm stories but when it comes to being a submissive female and sex slave...

No one is better, least thats what my master tells me and I would never want to disagree with him and posted below is one of my meets where I was introduced to some of his male friends, at least I think they were all male I never got to see! But first a little about me. I'm a submissive female swinger that joined the site some months ago and since then have meet with a few dominant males and I'm currently the owned slave although he does allow me to meet with other males on the understanding they follow his guidelines and even will be present sometimes.

I received a text message from my master telling me an address and to be there Saturday night prepared, now prepared means shaved and cleaned out below (hint hint enema used) and whilst sometimes he will do this for me, not this weekend so I had the pleasure of pushing the enema inside me. Interesting feeling!!

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I didn’t know what was going to happen and driving there was feeling pretty nervous but also extremely excited. Getting to the door I knocked and my master opened the door and lead me into a room at the back of the house. When I was walking down the hallway I could hear people talking but wasn’t allowed into that room, but lead into a room and told to strip. This I did and then my hands were bound behind me and a blindfold used, I was now in the hands of my master and didn’t know what was ahead of me.

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Taking my arm he lead me into a room and whilst walking into the room I had sordid pictures running around not knowing what was ahead of me. Once in the room I was forcefully pushed down onto my knees and whilst I didn’t know how many males or females were there I could feel their sexual presence in the room and then someone reached behind me and fasted a ankle strap to me and my hands were attached and I was now helpless and under their complete control

As I was on the floor people were walking around me commenting on what a gorgeous fuck slave I was and whilst I didn’t know for sure it felt like there was 4 maybe 6 males in the room at least that’s what it felt like as they standing round me and every more and then allow cocks to touch my body, well at least they felt like cocks.

Then I felt a hand between my leg and slowly starts rubbing my inner thigh teasing me by moving their hand up close to my pussy and pull it back down and all the time I was thrusting forward begging for a anything to be pushed inside me, then a single finger slips inside my pussy then another and slightly opening my legs a third finger goes deep inside me and pulling back rubs my clit making me so wet. Pulling his finger away I get a single command “open” knowing to open my mouth and the fingers are pushed into my mouth and I lick off my juices

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I then feel a cock being pushed towards my cheek and opening my mouth a large cock nudges itself into my mouth not knowing who the cock belongs too I assume it’s the guy that’s just had his fingers inside my pussy, but almost as soon as I start sucking him another set of fingers get pushed into my pussy. Trying to concentrate my thoughts onto sucking the cock that was now being pushed right down my throat I’m doing my best to stop myself from gagging which is something I struggle over as my gag reflex always kicks in when I’m deep throating and with his bulbous head I was finding it hard until he eventually pulled away making me grasp for air.

I then feel someone touching my nipples that are always hyper sensitive and ROCK hard…in fact I’ve been known to cum just by someone teasing my nipples but the person playing with my nipples has no intention of giving me a tease as nipple clamps are placed on each and chain placed between each one then its pulled …..pulled FUCKING hard, making me bend forward in pain and pleasure as the chain is pulled and twisted before the clamps removed and ice placed on each nipple, this is something I adore and I cum almost as soon as the ice is placed against my nipples at this point my nipples are so sensitive and the clamps are returned.

I then feel someone else standing close to me so wanting to please I open my mouth not knowing whats going to pushed inside then a cock is placed just onto my tongue and instantly get the sweet taste of precum before the cock is pushed fully inside feeling the thick shaft hit the back of my throat and I gag, this time two hands are placed on the rear of my head and the cock is thrust deep and he fucks my mouth hard and fast, then places his hand onto my nose pinching hard so I can no longer breath and I’m forced to try and catch breath whilst gagging, this doesn’t last for long and as his shaft is pulled out I gasp for air!

I then feel a hand behind me reaching around pulling the chain that’s still attached to my nipples whilst at the same time feeling there cock pressing against my back and only praying that he will bend me over and push his hard cock into my pussy that is dying for some attention.

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