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Hampshire Cuckold couple send in a story, well the hotwife does after she forces cucky to clean her pussy .........real life cuckold tales!

Hampshire cuckold couple sent this story in and whilst some would say its not a "true cuckold" story as the husband wasn't present or watching for others they would find the idea of the wife going off and fucking a stranger whilst they waited at home very horny

Plus when you think about it isn't the cuckold scene really about control !! So whats to stop a Hampshire hotwife vanishing off to some hotel room and fucking a guy silly, knowing the little hubby is sitting at home waiting for the wife to return .......pure mind control if you ask me

Posted below is this members Hampshire Cuckold stories along with sample photos to Hants contacts although for privacy reasons we've not posted this members photos

I fucked a guy in a hotel room, whilst hubby waited at home........if he's lucky he may have cuckold cleanup duties

Hi, we've been into the cuckold scene for some years, first when living Spain then we got back into it when we moved to the UK and joined this swingers site. I've always taken great delight from fucking guys normally whilst cucky is watching, sometimes with him performing clean up ( thats when a husband licks cum from his wife's pussy if you don't know)

Now recently I've been meeting bulls and fucking them when the husband isn't around then telling him afterwards, sometimes making him lick my pussy and sometimes I won't even tell him I'm meeting a guy and when I get home I throw my cum stained panties at him.

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I'd been talking onto to this guy and we meet up a few weeks ago and fucked him whilst the hubby sat outside the door just listing. I'm finding I'm really enjoying the humiliation side to cuckold sex and I can see this developing further, maybe I'll buy him a little sissy outfit soon LOL

Anyway, I was online and noticed he was around and got chatting and he asked if I wanted a fuck "hell yeah" but rather than bother the hubby as he was watching a film I went upstairs, put a sexy little thong on, basque and some kinky high boots and I was done. Going back downstairs, I told hubby I was just popping out and got a grunt back in return, little does he know when I get back he'll be licking out a pussy full of cum - Mmmmmm nice

I got to the hotel room where he was staying and knocking on the door it opened So walked into the room, I could see him just about in the shadows with nothing more than a towel on and he walked towards me emerging into the light showing a already healthy erection inside his towel

We both know what we wanted and didn’t waste time so started kissing straight away and getting down to it!! I stood back and dropped my coat and had nothing on other than my g-string & underwear and like magic his towel sprang into action and that was dropped so I could see his healthy sized cock that really did make my husbands dick seem so small and really not worthy to fuck me with it

He move back towards me and started kissing my neck, then dropping strap on my basque exposed my tits for him to play with, licking and sucking my nipples he pushed me onto the bed....By now my heart was racing, knowing I was soon going to get fucked silly with the massive cock , but and just knowing how naughty I was fucking behind my husbands back was really just the ultimately thrill and only added to the excitement!

With me laying back on the bed he turned his attentions to my soaking wet pussy and I knew I was going to enjoy the same treatment as he was an expert with his tongue, pulling to thong to one side his tongue hit right on my clit and made me cum almost straight away he was fucking amazing!!! 

I loved the way he sucked me getting me even more hot n bothered! Knowing I wanted his cock inside NOW!  He smelled so good and moving up he pushed his tong deep into my mouth so I could taste my own juices and wrapping my legs around him he pushed his cock straight intro me. We were kissing and rolling around for what seemed like hours and the sweat was falling of our bodies soaking the bed, I then came again for the 3rd time and he then rewarded me by shooting his cum into me and holding him tightly made sure I get every drop.

I got up and drove home and walked back into the front room, hubby was still watching tv till I turned it off and standing in front of him I showed him my cum soaked thong and my pussy with all the guys cum over it - now clean my pussy bitch

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