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Bifem strap on contacts, but stories really don't get hotter than this Yorkshire bifem swinger. Read her free story

Story :-The room was booked and as we were alone this time with no husbands watching was looking forward to a lot of fun, especially knowing my girlfriend had brought a strap on, this was my first bifem strap on fucking and I was getting wet just thinking about it.

We walked into the room and there was no awkwardness we knew what we wanted and the bed was there waiting to be used.

The door shut and Karen straight away pulled herself towards me and we kissed, deep, long & passionately almost like we’d never kissed before, although the difference was this time it was for us and not husbands watching. We were both at ease and I held her tight against me and Karen grabbed me tighter pulling my arse towards her and grinding her crotch into me.

Stepping back I dropped the straps and slipped out of my dress and teasing her I slid my hand down onto my pussy and teased her by playing with myself, taking my hand we walked over to the bed “ that’s my job, lay back and let me have some fun” with that I laid back and her fingers found my wet pussy and a expert finger started slipping into me, this was heaven.

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I laid on the bed and she slipped a finger into my shaven pussy - I was in heaven

Moving down the bed I could now feel her breath against my pussy as she teased and played with me, till she started licking and sucking my clit and whilst squeezing my nipples the mix of pleasure & pain was overwhelming.

She started teasing my arse and knew that I was nervous about this and looking up “ you ok Debs?" "yes I’m loving this carry on doing what you want” and with that with her thumb on my clit she eased a finger slowly into my arse and she nearly made me cum straight away, but I wanted her and she was still fully dressed.

Pushing her back she slowly stripped to show me her perfect body and beautiful shaven pussy and now I knew it was my turn and I wanted her so much.

Laying back on the bed, her nipples were hard and responded with my tongue and with my thigh pressed firmly against her pussy she was hot and wet and it was my turn to taste her.

I slowly moved down her body kissing, licking and stopping to tease her  finally getting to Debs clit and running my tongue over pussy she screamed out and I was only glad it was daytime and no one was in the other rooms as I sucked hard and placed two fingers into her pussy “oh my god I’m coming” and I now placed another finger inside her and pushed deeply making her have her first orgasm.

With my hand covered in her cum juices I moved up and we kissed whilst she was still shaking after cumming and whilst I kissed her my hand drifted back down to her pussy and with that she stopped me “my turn” and she got up and walked over to her bag and pulled out a strap on. Walking back to the bed she fastened the strap on dildo onto her waist 'How much do think our husbands would love to watch there wives fucking with a strap on” and with that offered to fuck me

I got up from the bed and bent over making sure I could still see Deb’s in the large wardrobe mirror as I wanted to watch her fucking me and she pushed the strap on deep inside and started fucking me with her hands playing with my breasts. Whilst she was fucking me I was able to massage my clit and started moaning loudly not giving a dam that anyone could hear and whilst she was fucking me I knew I was near to cumming and as she worked the dildo into me the orgasm erupted from me and I fell onto the floor as my legs gave way in delight.

We laid there for while then asked I could wear the strap on and return the favour - Deb’s had no problem in removing it VERY quickly!

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