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Halifax Cuckolds - it almost sounds like something the Halifax bank come out with to get guys to "deposit" something ;o OK thats lame but the Halifax horny housewives and hotwives aren't!

One of the most posted questions we get is just how easy is it to meet with local Halifax cuckold couples ( I've added the town name to make it more relevant) and even despite the size of this West Yorkshire town its extremely easy due to the advance profile searching we offer out members

The Advance search works to help you find personals quick and fast and as you can see if you click the link below it displays pages and pages of Halifax Personals.....but what it you only want to view cuckold ads.... As a member you can filter these profiles by town, age, keyword... plus more member features, like last logged in.

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Feature Access All Profiles ( Halifax ):- Hi thanks for reading our advert and I hope you like the photos of the wife I've posted...

We've joined this site as my wife really wants to experience a group meet with guys. He idea is that she wants to try a bukkake meet with guys standing around wanking off

his isn't for penetration this is bukkake only and if your unsure whats involved do a search on Google for bukkake cuckold or just bukkake and I'm sure you'll find loads of videos. I will be present and watching and I'm really looking forward to watching her getting soaked in cum

I will be videoing this so if your worried about your face being seen then bring a mask along but the video is only for personal use. My wife will be wearing very little other than a a thong and will be playing with herself and offering oral to anyone that wants it. You can (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Halifax Clean up Husband):- we are a submissive cuck couple from Halifax and I love eating my hotwife pussy whilst its full cum, so YES we are looking for bareback cuckold meets so if that offends better look at another ad. I love seeing my wife getting fucked by the biggest cocks we can find and the bigger the cock the better. We are happy to meet with black bulls to fuck or gangbang her so long as afterwards her pussy is left gapping open wide and ready for me to get my tong deep inside her. We will consider all types of nasty hardcore meets so long as she has gaping pussy. I will offer forced oral sex as well if your (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Straight Couple Halifax ) :- We are both straight and here to meet up with straight guys for cuckold meets and my wifes pleasure, before reading on if your profile says your bi or curious we won't be responding to your message as we had messages from guys that are bi curious and that really doesn't interest us. Whilst we are lookingfor cuckold meets I'm happy for my wife to date or meet you alone as I work away so not always here, but she tells me everything that goes on afterwards. Shes a slim women that does like being around younger males but you'll need to be experienced as she doesn't want to show you which hole to use, although she does enjoy either being used. You also must have big cock so 8+and. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Halifax MMF / Cuckold ):- We are a fun loving couple looking for sexual excitement meeting similar males for fun. We have been married for 12 years. We want to expand our already great sex life and introduce another male into the bedroom or other couples. Im 36, 36DD (all natural !!) with nipples that are extremely sensitive and if played with correctly will make me cum as I do love being played with and sucked on. Im extremely gregarious and love pleasing others with my mouth, finger and pussy. My husband is a little older but looks a lot younger and is slim, straight and has great stamina plus is pretty W/E. He's keen to watch me being fucked by another guy and if the mood is right join in. If you would like to (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Sissy Cuckold Halifax ) :- We are a dominant hotwife / sissy crossdressing husband that obeys all my orders and knows the consequences should he not follow instructions as I hold the key to his little lock. I'm looking to introduce another man into our little role playing games and fancy a bit of extra spice. Right now his only involvement in the bedroom is pleasing me, sometimes I will allow run to run off and play with himself in the toilet as seeing him wank is something that really doesn't interest me. I do enjoy using him as a sexual servant along with humiliating and abusing him. Its so erotic watching the silly little man trying to please! I'm looking for a man that will help me and give me a good fucking as its (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Halifax Couple for White bulls ):- we are a married couple seeking white male / bull for some intimate fun! We are a sexy committed couple that are experienced players in the local swingers scene and enjoy clubs and groups meets. We are seeking experienced male that will please her whilst I watches but not participates. This is for safe, no strings attached meets preferably with VWE males to make her pussy happy! Sorry but this is only for white males as we . (more)

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