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Hampshire wife catches husband out!!!

Swingers from Hampshire tell us about how they got into the swingers lifestyle and how at first when his wife caught him out it could have gone either way but fortunately for Hampshire/Gosport couple Jon & Karen it went the other way and they are now waiting to meet up with their first couple after chatting first online then in the chatroom.

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Then you really need look no further as we have the contacts going right across Hampshire and right across the South Coast, detailed here are just a few members profiles photos, although like all the other images with this site the Hampshire swingers faces have been cropped to protect members identities but as a full members you will have complete access to FULL & un cropped photos.

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Wife reads swinging profile ad - Stories by county

Ok what would you first think of when you check the PC and find out that your husband has been checking out swingers websites! My first thought was he was looking for female contacts, then panicked as I considered other types of contacts he was making like maybe transvestites or gay guys, as we've been married for 10 years and least I don't think has ever strayed away from home.

My next reaction was to then get upset when I looked at all the history included swinging sites and sex contacts as I really couldn't believe he would be looking for another women as whilst we've been married for some years our sex was still ok !!!! I confronted him regarding this and he explained that he was just considering swinging as he needed more out of our sex life, and that it's not that he's after someone else, more other couples to meet with as he wants to share something else and experiment, then I started listening to what he had to say.

He told me few nights back while looking around a DVD site he noticed a DVD on swinging and it got him interested hence the reason for searching out a few sites, and even signing up as he was hoping to get a few contacts then talk to me about it after he had some contacts to show me, then showed me this profile.

Hampshire Couple looking for swingers, friends or other to meet and have fun with, we are new to the whole swingers lifestyle and our first contact. We are NOT just about meeting for sex as we are looking for friendship as well. We live in Gosport and don't mind traveling but will would prefer local contacts. Drop us a line soon.

When he started talking about swapping with couples and it did get me aroused and it didn't take long before we were both on the floor fucking! after we return back the PC and having looked around the other cpls ads and decided that maybe swinging could be fun and we then started looking at other profiles around Hampshire and the first thing that surprised me was HOW MANY!!! and like my husbands ad wasn't JUST looking for sex.

It didn't take us long before we were finding local couples, check out the forum posting & reading the swingers blogs and from at first being unsure I was really getting into this whole swingers thing and could see why my husband wanted to try as like him I was now really excited about meeting others, although from reading the other profiles and a bit more research we both decided that it was soft swinging we wanted, least at first.

That was 3 years ago and whilst we started as soft swap swingers we've now moved to full swapping and since that time we've meet up with loads of couples and built some great friends so if your thinking about trying swinging and your not really sure then join up and just start talking to others, trust me swingers don't bite, well not unless you ask them too ;o)

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