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This Dorset Bifem story was posted within a members blog, read and enjoy or better still join us TODAY and meet with female swingers ......

Story :-I moved to Bournemouth from a large city that had a strong club (that’s dancing) scene and felt like a bit like a fish out of water as I didn’t have a place where I could meet with new girlfriends. I’ve been bi for some years and tend to flip between boyfriends & girlfriends but I’m NOT into this threesome scene either ffm/mmf I prefer one on one and I don’t share well   

I soon realised the only way I was going to meet with Dorset bisexual contacts was via a contacts site so joined and posted up my profile. I had a few members contact me pretty quickly but they let me down and never showed and was starting to get obviously skeptical, but then had this message and it gave me faith

She certainly seemed genuine and arranged to chat on the phone and this was where a lot vanished, but not so this time, after a few chats and swapping more photos we agreed to meet and I invited her to my home.

She pulled up in a taxi and looked amazing, living in Bournemouth maybe not be so dull .....

The weekend soon came round and after a shower had the problem of deciding what to wear…slutty outfit or going pure business class and should I wear knickers and after running through a load settled on a sexy little black dress and nothing else !!!

I heard this taxi pulling up outside and looking out of the window recognised her from the photos she’d sent and she caught me looking and gave me a smile straight away and almost running to the front door opened it and she walked into the hallway.

She, looked at me 'Wow you look amazing' and I responded the same and returned the compliment she was wearing a red dress with her breasts pushed right up which showed her amazing cleavage which got me excited.

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I held her hand and my heart was racing in anticipation of what was going to happen and all I could think was I wanted to fuck her and she learned forward and gentle kissed me then then told me in a husky voice “Take me to your bedroom, and fuck me!'

Once in the bedroom I held her against me and we had our first passionate deep kissed with our tongues mixing around each other and pulling my arse pulled me closer pulling me tight against her crotch. She pulled away and I let the straps drop and let the dress fall to the floor as she looked over my naked body.

I could see as she was looking over me her look stopped at my tits and by now my nipples were hard and placing my hand over my pussy she reached forward and stopped me “ that’s my job” and taking my hand we walked  to the bed.

Lying back she kissed me but now her fingers drifted towards my wet puss and as she slipped a finger into me I arched my back and her mouth moved down to my breasts & nipples that were now firm and needing attention, she was now sucking my nipples and finger fucked me and I was in heaven.

She then moved her attentions further down and briefly stopping at my belly button her fingers were now moving in and out. Moving to my puss my excitement was now almost running out of control and sucking on my clit I cried out in pleasure. I was now playing with my nipples and enjoying the pleasure of this excellent pussy licker and the pleasure was overwhelming and looking up at me she teased me further by pressing her thumb onto my clit whist her finger slipped into my arse and telling her “ god I’m going to cum”

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