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It doesn't get any better than a dogging threesome with a horny Dorset wife thats after outdoor sex......

This Dorset dogging story was posted by a couple within there blog and it tells about there first meet with a guy from West Dorset that told them about a private dogging location and they all enjoyed a threesome

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We soon found the dogging forum and whilst we’d never considered ourselves as a dogging couple we thought we’d have a lot around but when Ian dropped us a message things got a lot more interesting especially when he said about meeting up for some outdoor sex

Ian told us about this quite pub just on the outskirts of Dorchester, West Dorset that was ideal as there was a few discreet places as whilst we found the idea of having sex outdoors exciting we didn’t want to hit some Dorset dogging location and have loads of idiots trying to get involved …..I’m fussy who I have sex with

We meet up with Ian and walked by this small wood in Dorchester .....

We met up and after leaving walked along this quiet lane that went alongside a small wood and with it being a summer night the moon was lighting the path that went around the woods

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Whilst walking along the path I was teasing my husband (Pete) and Ian and they were both encouraging to flash and neither of them were complaining about me flashing and it was when we found this nice patch of grass I laid down and Ian didn’t waste any time and laying on me could feel his hard cock in his trousers and looking at the guys gave them a cheeky smile

Pulling Ian towards me I kissed him and Pete got next to me on the floor and moving my hand I reached and found his hard cock and was in heaven having two hard cocks to play with one in front & my husband behind me.

 I needed these cock out so undone Ians trousers and pulled his cock free and started wanking him, Pete not wanting to be left out got his cock out and I took his cock with my other hand.

I moved so that I could take Ian’s cock into my mouth and slowly started sucking him off whilst holding Pete’s cock. I didn’t want Ian to cum so started to gently suck and lick his cock and he got harder.

Pete pushed his hand under my skirt and found my soaking knickers and after pulling them to one side slipped a couple of fingers inside me and started to work his fingers inside me, I was now starting to suck on Ian’s cock taking him deeper but making sure I didn’t make him cum but allowing him deeper into my mouth.

Moving in front of me Pete positioned himself in front of me and move his head between my legs and started licking me and knowing just how to please me soon started licking my clit and now I was getting the best of both worlds and enjoying a dogging threesome.

But I knew what I wanted and I really didn't care which one of them fucked me but I needed a cock inside my pussy, so who's first ??

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