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Dorset young couple new to swinging!!!

Dorset swingers or should I say a newbie swinger tells us about how they got into swinging & enjoying the whole swingers lifestyle. Mind you for me this does open up the discussion about young swingers as this couple from Wimborne Minster tell us about why they got into swapping and how its changed their lives - thankfully all for the good.

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you know the the complete lack of swingers clubs in Dorset you can understand the need for a local swingers contacts that post up swingers parties details and of all the counties Dorset seems to make the most use of posting party details - although I must admit if your going to meet swingers starting in dorset is a great place as I'm sure you'll agree looking at these contact photos below

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Newbie swingers from Wimborne Minster - Stories by county

hello fellow swingers, we are S & J from dull old Wimborne!! (anyone living her will agree) and are both just in our twenties, for a young couple we've been together for a good few years and started going out whilst still at school but during our time we've never been afraid to experiment sexually and really just about any other way (if you get my drift, after all your only young once)

Although since we've been tog other we've never involved another person in our sex life although we've often spoke it and fantasised sometimes telling Jon other times when it gets too kinky not! then one night last month Jon asked me about swinging, just completely out of the blue! and I burst out laughing as I'd been looking at a swingers website the night before but didn't say anything to him

I then told him a girlfriend was chatting to a couple that "swung" ( is that the word) and I had just assumed swinging was for fat old couples with a shit sex life that just wanted to fuck others, but from looking at this website how wrong was I & was surprised when it had what I would class as trendy young couples like us, it was then that Jon told me he'd read in the paper that more couples especially younger ones are becoming swingers.

so agreed that it wouldn't do any harm to find out more and shocked Jon when I opened a swingers site straight up on the PC and looking at him i said " great minds think alike", so opened a bottle of red and started looking around. It was pretty obvious that once we looked around the site the only way we would really see profiles and photos was to join up so hit the join button and signed up

Once inside we really were truly amazed by how many profiles were in Dorset, even more so ones around our ages! as I still still sure it was going to be old crincklies wanting to fucking younger girls but I was WRONG! their was both young couples and single people looking after all I didn't even think you could be a swinger if you were single, but looking at these single girls al they wanted was NSA contacts and they was no shortage of males! & it must have been the wine that given us Dutch courage to post this profile

young newbie swingers from Wimborne Minster / Dorset looking for friends and maybe swinging partners. we've never done anything like this and are interested in chatting at first with other couples then meeting for a drink and seeing where things go from their. IF anything happened it would only be soft swapping but we really would love to hear from others and see where things go

This is really where we are at now, we've read other profiles and sent a few messages so are waiting to hear from members and from the couples we've contacted so far they seem pretty nice members, if your considering it that best thing is join up put a profile up and see where it goes

love Sx

Update - we are meeting our first couple this weekend that are also newbie's so should be fun ;o)

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