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Dorset Cuckold couple tell us about how they started down the cuckold / humiliation scene and joined a local contacts website to meet Dorset bulls ......

Little did I know when I married my wife that she would turn me into a cuckold husband, true I didn’t have the biggest cock but I was always under the impression it pleased her - A night that started out as a bit of fun changed the way we have sex, do I love being a submissive cuckold male? Well maybe it was in me right from the beginning and do enjoy seeing her being pleasured

We’ve been together for some years in fact when we met we were both still virgins and after a few years of dating got married, happily every after and all that crap. Our sex life I figured, was OK, a bit predictable but isn’t that the case for most couples? So I thought I’d introduce some porn videos just to see if that helped and we both enjoyed watching then, then having better sex afterwards.

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How watching Cuckold videos turned my wife into Dorset Hotwife, and I love it, read my story

One day we got chatting and she commented about my small cock, this surprised me as she’d never said anything in the past about my cock and carried on by saying other men had much bigger cocks than me, other being the guys in the videos I responded with saying that most guys weren’t hung like the “donkeys” in the porn videos we’d watched and she seemed to accept this, even thought I was feeding her a load of bunk as I did have a small cock.

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Then one day when she returned from work she told me she’d been chatting with other girls in the office about the size of there husbands cocks and said that most of the other wives husbands were between 7-9” and I was only 4”, but she said, “I’m happy with your little guy”, but I knew then she wasn’t.

Coming home one night after meeting up with some friends she annoyed the fact that my small cock wasn’t adequate anymore and that things would change and I was to become a cuckold husband and watch her getting pleasured by real males, this I had to except and secretly the idea excited me knowing that other men would be having sex with her.

The next day she left a note telling me to log onto a swingers website she’d joined alone with her username, as it was my day off I spent most of the day looking around and reading more about cuckoldry and by the time she’d returned home we both agreed to this lifestyle change to our married.

The following weekend she announced that she was going out with this guy she’d meet and asked what she should wear “ find me something sexy” so picked a short black skirt and top and pulling out of her bag she had bought some fishnet stockings and sitting down onto the bed ordered me to paint her toe nails and once dressed looked every big the hotwife. She then told me to clean the house as Paul (his name) was going to be here soon, shocked I did as ordered

The doorbell rang and opening the door Paul was standing there and looking at the way he was looking my wife up and down was pleased even more so because she had my bra on and her tits aren’t small! Walking in they didn’t hang around and she invited him in with a kiss and looking over to me ordered me to short some drinks out so “they” could become acquainted. By the time I returned with drinks they were all over each other and looking across to me told me tonight I was going to learn about  become a cuckold husband.

I wasn’t sure what she had planned but my little cock was getting hard even though I knew it was locked away in my jeans and quite possibly will not be got out. My wife then stood up and told me to remove her skirt and whilst pulling her skirt down showed off her amazing figure and slipping her knickers off she rubbed them into my face” you see how wet I’m getting!!! and he’s not even touched me yet” and with that sat back opening her legs and Paul started to play with her pussy.

Pauls fingers were right inside her and pulling them out he showed me just how wet my wife was and my wife then ordered me to lick her pussy I moved towards her and she was now kissing Paul ignoring me so moving between her legs I started to lick her and FUCK was she wet, Paul then looking down towards me “get her pussy good and wet for ME!!”

I couldn’t get over that my once faithful wife was now having sex with another guy and pushing my head to one side Paul pushed his fingers back into her and then removing them made me suck his fingers and lick my wifes juices from his fingers, I  couldn’t believe just what my wife was forcing me to do but I was following her every instructions...

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