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Wiltshire Couple - Boyfriend watches girlfriend getting fucked!!!!

Wiltshire cuckold couple tell us about their first experience and how although young swingers had been swinging for sometime but had never had a sex with a black couple, and by the sounds of thing this Swindon young couple have no started making local contacts the other couples.

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It doesn't matter if your looking for couples, single males, horny females, black, asian, fat or transvestites we have the contacts in Wiltshire and they are all looking for contacts now!and to give yo some idea of the members we have I've posted just a few sample members thumbnail photos all from members within Wilts.

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Hi all ;o) me & my girlfriend have been swapping and messing around for while and although classed as young swingers as we are both in our 20's as they say we started very young, although this was manly down to group that used to go out clubbing and coming back a bit pissed up and playing around, but now we prefer swapping sex partners without the fat head in morning, hence the reason for joining swingers zone !!!

Something my girlfriend has been going about is having sex with a black couple! and its something I've always wondered what it would be like as well as we used to have a black couple as friends but they never were up for anything like swapping, so as a member the first thing we did was look for black couples preferably young ones from around Wiltshire - we posted this ad

Swindon Couple (25/21) after other young couples for lots of great fun, we don't mind soft swapping, full swapping threesome or even some dogging fun as we just like to have loads of fun. We don't mind accommodating once we get to know you. Anyone contacting us please attach a photo otherwise we won't reply.My GF has a thing for black guys and would love to hear from guys that wanna shag a horny blonde

The following night I was watching the TV and Sue was looking around the chatroom section and I think posting some stuff inside the swingers blogs section just going on about her fantasies and when laugh out as she got this message from a guy and all that it was was a big black cock!. Shouting me over we both looked and at first thought this guy had been messing around with photoshop then another message came in saying he lived just down the road and did we wanna meet for a drink

I sat down and Sue told Mark ( the black guy) to log into the chatroom and we all chatted for a while and arranged to meet in the local bar, and could see Sue had one thing one her mind getting her hands on THAT cock so she went upstairs and got ready, whilst I went back to the football LOL - want can I say it was a cup final

We got to the pub and Mark was their already, we were all chatting away and getting on really well and mark told us about this job and that his girlfriend was working away but back next week and would love to meet up and after having a few drinks It didn’t take long before we all getting on well and Sue looked over to me and made that face you know " lets go back to ours" so I nodded OK

Sue asked Mark if he wanted to come back to ours for a drink & some fun! As soon as we got home Sue got some drinks sorted and put a porn DVD on with this black guy getting his cock sucked by a white girl and Mark looked over and said he was more than for that but he wasn't really into threesomes and his girlfriend would be back next week if we wanted to swap partners -

But I told him about Sue's need to get her mouth around his fat cock and with than he pulled his trousers down and got his massive dick out ! Sue then leaned over and started to suck his dick, it was all I could do to not come up behind her and fuck her the way she was bending over but instead just sat back and watched the show

Mark put his hand up Sue's skirt pulling her knickers to one side and started to finger her while she sucked him off but I knew its was his cock in her fanny she wanted so she pulled her head up and turning round so she faced me lowered herself straight down onto him and started to fuck him, she was really grinding into him and knew at the rate she was fucking him that he'd end up coming soon and then Sue came and really grind down onto him that must have been all Mark could handle and he shot his load as well

We chatted for a while later and arranged to meet up next week when his girlfriend was here so we could swap and have some fun...

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