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Erotic Hotwife stories – UK Cuckolding

Looking to find out about UK cuckoldry then STOP and read some of the stories that have submitted by members that are not only swingers but members that are enjoying the cuckoldry scene and so send in stories about their activities either true life real meets or fictional stories

If your looking to really find out what goes on between a cuckold couple then reading stories is just about the best way forward and you can trust me with these cuckold stories you won’t have to read between the lines.

True Life Stories

The stories we have submitted offer both a entertaining and informative read and certainly if your knew to the scene or considering joining a swingers site to make cuckold contact then it will give you an insight few people every get and as the stories fall into two categories either erotic fiction or true life cuckold encounters you can decided the type of reading material you want to enjoy

Cuckold Forums or blogs

The stories submitted to either the forums or blogs sections is written by couples that live the lifestyle and what better way to learn about something new by reading erotic stories featuring cuckold couples, bulls, hotwives & forced cuckolded husband.

They all cover the aspects cuckoldry and even if your more interested in swinging you'll still find these a interesting read about what happens when a male comes round to a members house and fuck's the guys wife whilst he's watching

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To give you some idea I posted some cuckold stories that have been copied over from the members section but as joining our site is free it won't cost you anything to join up and then you can read or better still submit your own stories yourself

Read & enjoy or better still join us other cuckolded husbands around the UK

Sample Cuckold Stories


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