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I left my Wales cuckold at home and went and fucked the boss behind his back - real life wales cuckoldry, read the story then join us...

We’ve been involved within the cuckold scene for a little while and it started out basically because my sex drive is far higher than my husbands, plus he’s got a small cock in fact comparing him to other south Wales husbands and males I’ve fucked almost miniature so I had to do something about it

I knew of the Wales cuckold scene via various forums and sites I’d looked at normally whilst pleasing myself whilst hubby was gardening, so one night after some frustrated research decided to become a Wales Hotwife (a women that fucks other men)

I told my husband and said as his reward I would tell him about what happened afterwards and maybe if he was a good boy allow his to sniff my cum stained knickers - clean up did I hear someone say LOL not my Welsh cuckold husband, but an interesting idea     

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I was heading into work with one thing on my mind SEX

I got dressed that day for SEX, hubby as normal asleep and today I was going into work with a smile knowing what was on my mind and I was fully dressed to get laid, with a extremely short business skirt, holdup stockings , black thong and a low cut white browse and knowing Paul (my boss) would be there was going to make sure he got an eye full.

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The other staff weren’t going to be around as was a Saturday and we needed to get some paperwork sorted, least that’s what he thought we’d be doing. Walking into the office he was already sat down working away and looked up with a smile “hi” instantly I noticed his eyes looking down at her long legs and he very short skirt.

“Would you like a coffee? “ and fetching him a coffee we chatted away talking about what needed doing and reaching over grabbed some paperwork that was on the floor making sure he got a very good flash up her skirt, not quite knowing how much would be flashed but knowing he could see I had stockings on.

Standing back up I could see his bulge in his trousers and knew my plan was working and crouching down opened my legs just wide enough to let him see up my skirt but this time way past my stockings so he could see my thong that was pulled tight against my shaven pussy, by now his bulge was straining at his trousers.

The files needed to be stored in the basement so carrying them down I made sure he was walking behind me getting a clear eye full of my chest through my low browse, but if he thought so far I was teasing him just wait. Once in the basement I grabbed the small steps and walking up asked Paul if he could steady them whilst I went up them (bitch) and as I walked up I could sense his eyes looking straight up my skirt and by now I was getting wet and he must have noticed a wet patch forming on her thong.

It was then that I felt a hand on my leg and moving my legs slightly apart he pushed his hand further up until he reached my wet puss and moving the thong to one side started to stroke her pussy, then slip a finger inside which went in easy being so wet. Looking down she stepped back down and taking his fingers sucked my juices off and taking his hand walked over to the table and slowly I unzipped his trousers letting his cock free and FUCK it was everything she hoped for talk about hung. I wrapped my hands around his dick and could only just grip him he was so wide and was getting excited just thinking about that slipping into me.

Moving down I took my first real close up look at his cock and had never seen suck a massive manhood and licking the end of his cock was rewarded with some sweet pre cum that I lapped up and then did my best to take as much of his cock as I could.

Letting out a massive groan I wrapped my lips around his shaft and started to let him fuck my moth but I knew he wasn’t going to last long so he pulled me up and unfastening my skirt it dropped to the floor and lifting me onto the desk, pulling my blouse off her removed my bra and other than stockings and a thong was now naked

He moved closer and started suck my tits but by now I was so wet I could almost feel my juices soaking into my thong but we both knew what we wanted and that was a FUCK, pulling her off the desk he bent me over a spreading my legs wide knew I was going to get a stretching of my life as that monster was pushed into me.   

Standing between my legs I felt his cock brushing against my soaking wet pussy and slowly inch by inch he slipped inside and I couldn’t believe how I was able to handle  such thick huge cock, but slowly he slid all the way inside and started to fuck me bringing me to a climax quickly, then another climax and with him fucking me hard knew he was getting close to cuming as he pumped his cum deep into me.

Getting dressed the rest of the day just went past quickly and getting home I walked up to me little cock cuckold and showed him my cum soaked thong and slipping it off I gave it to him "go and wash the other guys cum out of my knickers, I’m going for a soak in the bath"...

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