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Hertfordshire cuckold couple joined for one reason alone so that the hubby could watching his wife getting fucked !

I’d always wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another guy but being a BBW women at first I wasn’t sure that she would be sexually attracted for other males, just how wrong was I when joined a Hertfordshire BBW cuckold site ….. it wasn’t so mucha struggle to find Herts admirers, more so which one to invite round

We looked at this guys profile his name was Paul and he looked perfect as he lived just down the road from us and if it worked out we were looking towards a regular thing so needed a local male

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Not only did they find a Hertfordshire BBW admirer - but one that was hung!

We email him and he responded and sent a few more photos and my wife was pleased with him especially his cock that according to Paul was about 7" but he looked more hung than that’s to me but he was very thick with a large head and looking at my wife I knew she wanted it inside her, I was more than up for this as well.

We gave him our phone number and the flowing day my wife answered the phone to Paul, I couldn't hear what was being said as I was in another room watching the box, I assumed they had finished talking as it was pretty quite in the other room so checking out the room I found my wife with her legs open wide fingering her pussy whilst listening to Paul…fuck now that’s a talent, it was after that that a meet was arranged

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We arranged a meet at the weekend and thought rather than meeting at ours we’d meets at a local Indian restaurant, all through the meal I knew just what my wife wanted as she was almost fucking him on the table and it was clear he loved BBW women from what he was saying and he then told us that he’s booked a room in a local hotel so that no one would be under pressure, so we finished our meal and headed off to his hotel room  

Paul asked if I could drive & they both got in the backseat and wasted no time and started kissing almost straight away, so adjusting the mirror I was able to keep an eye on them whilst driving and it was clear my wife was loving Pauls attentions as she didn’t hold back. Paul soon had his hand on her massive tits and my wife was rubbing  the bulge in his crotch. It didn’t take long to get to the hotel which was a good job otherwise I think they would have been fucking in the backseat whilst I was driving, plus my cock was so hard driving was painful

At last we got to the hotel room but neither of them waited around and started stripping straight away, my wife was soon stripped to bra & panties and I could see that Paul was impressed with her and pushing him onto bed she pulled his jeans off and I found a nice place to sit back and watch the show

Karen (my wife) started sucking his cock, slurping as she was sucking his cock back and he was clearly loving Karen’s expert oral skills and was groaning and fuck was she working his cock milking him the best she could.  Paul made my cock look silly he was so hung & much much thicker than mine and I could see she was struggling a little bit to take him all the way down, but she was giving it a fucking good attempt.

Paul pulled her head off his cock as I’m sure he was getting close to cuming and rolling Karen over onto her back he opened her legs and soon found her sweet spot and FUCK it was so crazy watching another guy withy my wife in a hotel room but I was loving it, he was slowly licking her and sucking her clit and Karen was going nutts making so much nose that anyone in the other bedrooms would have heard her.

Karen then shouted to Paul “ fuck I want you inside me - now!” by now I had my cock out and was wanking off watching them and I was doing my best to hold back cuming but I was so turned  on was dripping pre cum.

Paul, quickly changed positions and gave her what she asked for and moving on top of Karen teased her a little by pushing his massive cock head into her pussy and rapping her legs around his arse pulled him so that his cock slowly slipped into “Oh yes Paul FUCK ME, give it to me HARD” and with her pussy stretching around his cock he slipped deep inside her.

I could see clearly as his cock was sliding into Karen and as this was my first cuckold experience I was loving it and it was clear from the sounds coming from Karen she was in heaven taking this massive cock deep inside her. By now I was wanking off watch watching the both fucking and it was all I could do to stop myself …..hold back I kept saying to myself.

Karen then wanted Paul all the way inside and wanted to ride him so he moved over and Karen got on top of him and slowly his cock slipped back inside her and fucked hi like she’d not had a cock for months and I knew she wouldn’t last long with way she was riding him so hard and fast . A few seconds later she was groaning out and they both almost came at the same time, looking down at my cock I was covered in my own cum

We’ve arranged to meet Paul again, but there’s nothing like variation and she is already looking for local bbw admirers - want to meet?

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