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Dogging slut - what heaven the idea of meeting with a female dogging slut that loves being abused, used and fucked silly, read this female doggers blog

I started this blog basically so others can read about my dogging experiences as a single female, but I'm no sweet Hertfordshire dogging female I'm a slut and love it when guys use me as a slut

I've always loved it when males treat me slutty either calling me names whilst fucking me, bitch, slag, whore all names that are guaranteed to have one effect get me wet, dirty & normally cum. When I joined the site I joined for one reason alone to meet with males and at the time wasn't into the Hertfordshire dogging scene but once I started poking around the members section soon found the forums and LOTS of contacts that enjoy outdoor meets

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I'd Meet with Peter a few times, he was my type tall, dark and handsome..LOL ok he was just your average married guy that wanted a bit on the side and he had just what I wanted which was a 9” cock that FUCK did he know what to do with it.

We’d fucked a few times at this dogging location I’d read about on the forum and whilst it was exciting having sex outdoors with all the risks involved he didn’t treat me quite as rough as I wanted, but as no other offers were coming in, needs must. I’d spoken to Peter via the forum and we agreed to meet so I got dressed nice and slutty and drove out and parked up in the carpark. I knew what car Peter drove so I was just sitting back and waiting for him to pull in 

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About 30 minutes had gone by and a few people drove in and then out again as I was sat in darkness as I didn’t want to attract attention, but then my heart jumped as I saw his car pulling into the carpark. Wanting to make sure I looked good I put some more lipstick on and being a deep red looked HOT, even if I say so myself. He parked up and I think at first he didn’t see me so I flashed my brake lights, the now unified signal for “I’m dogging come and fuck me” and he started his car and drove over parking along mine, it was then that I noticed it wasn’t Peter - bollocks!  

 Not really sure about how I wanted to proceed as my past dogging meets had been pre arranged via the forum, this was unknown sex for me, and I was excited. Opening the window he walked over, a tall guy and looked in his mid 40’s. When he got to the car he looked in through the window and just said “ here for sex?” I nodded back and with that he ordered me into the gents toilets.

I walked in and headed straight towards the first cubicle and was glad no one else was around and closing the door a little I sat down and waited for him to walk in. It was almost like I was in a trance and follow the every command he made and then once he walked in shut and locked the door. Looking at me I could tell his look that it was one of disgust and this made me feel very dirty.

“you’ve not been here before” and with that just said “nope” well you look like all the other dogging sluts so you can suck my cock & thank me for the pleasure and with this undid his jeans and letting them drop to the floor. He reached forward and pulled my head towards his cock and pulling his shorts down had my first look at his cock. He was shaven and around 7” limp!!! And knew then I was going to get a serious mouth fucking.

He forced his cock into my mouth pushing deep inside almost at first making me gag but I was able to hold back and it was then that the fucking started. He was thrusting deep and hard inside my mouth and forcing my head in and out and during this his cock was growing larger

My head was going backwards and forwards so fast and he then started telling me that I was a dirty slut and that if he had time would fuck my arse till I begged him to stop and my excitement level shot through the roof, not only was this man virtually raping my mouth but was treating me like a slut and it was FUCKING AMAZING, as he was still calling me a slut he started cuming and not pulling out shot his cum load straight down my throat making sure I swallowed every drop

Pulling out he took his cock and wiped it either side of my face, then pulled his trousers up and turned around and walked out closing the door behind him. With the taste of his cum still in my mouth I put my hands between my legs and my knickers were soaked in juices and pulling them down I started to finger myself dringing myself so soooo fast, if someone had walked in then I would have FUCKED them silly...

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