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I kinda stumbled into the Derbyshire cuckold scene, this is how I started meeting with couples .....whilst its not a "true" cuckold story hopefully you'll enjoy it ........I did

I started this blog so that I could post some of my meets with couples and females and would love to get some feedback from members more so, just how did you get into the adult contacts scene? Lets be honest being a swinger has almost gone mainstream to a lot but then you have the others that think swinging is the height debauchery and sleaziness…..anyone want to bet those also have sex with the lights off

Me? I’ve always had an interest in the contacts scene and started way back when I was in my early twenties and discovered the cuckold scene where husbands were posting up adverts about wanting to watch guys with there wives.

I was fascinated reading stories and seeing photos that these couples were posting and I remember thinking how odd it was that a guy wanted to watch his wife being fucked by another guy. At the time the photos of these Derbyshire hotwives were double my age and also looking for older males so I kinda drifted away

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I knew at some stage I would return and one day whilst looking around some porn sites I found myself checking out streaming cuckold porn and that got me thinking back and the exciting idea of fucking some other guys wife tempting and decided that it was NOW something I would want……. I never looked back after joining

I joined what seemed like a good cuckold / swinger site and had my sights firmly set on meeting with couples and it didn’t take long before I was sending messages out and whilst this couple said they were looking for cuckold meets said the husband may want to join in as well . Normally I would look at other profiles, but this guys wife really was a HOTWIFE and looked like a model and from the photos he posted of her she clearly wasn’t shy …. and I wanted more. I Answered there ad and its turned into a long term friendship and we’ve since met both for cuckold, mmf threesomes & just a social.

The first time I meet with S was in a local bar as we’d exchanged private messages, photos and even chatted on the phone, so we needed meet and then assuming we got on hopefully back to theres …. We had a some drinks and her husband told me that his wife was yearning to be fucked by another guy and he wanted to be in the room watching at the same time. After chatting a while it was agreed that we would head back to there house.

Once at there house his wife greeted us at the door giving us both a kiss and we walked into the front room and sat back and made some small talk for a while, but it was obvious what the husband wanted to happen and I’m sure intentionally his wife was sat opposite me giving me a flash of her stocking tops. After some flashing and teasing eventually he knew he needed to get things moving so taking his wifes hand walked her over to me, this was odd, it was almost like here’s my wife use her….She sat down onto my lap and could feel the warmth of her pussy coming through onto my trousers and leaning forward I whispered into her ear “ your so wet I can feel your pussy“ and started to then kiss.

We then moved onto the floor and she didn’t hold back and reached out and unzipped my trousers and pushing her hand into my boxers pulled my hard cock out and kneeling down pulled my foreskin back and slipped my cock into her month. I looked over and by now her husband was on the edge of his chair watching us as this was the first time he’d every seen his wife another man.

I moved forward and took her massive tits into my hands and started to gently massaging them teasing her hard nipples and started pulling her clothes off and undressing her as I wanted to get to her pussy as I knew she was soaking wet and I bet a sweet as honey. My hands got to her knickers and her knickers were soaking wet with her juices and started to stroke & tease her pussy as she opened her legs more pushing her pussy against my hand..

I placed my finger onto her pussy lips pulling them apart allowing me to rub her clit and the cooler air to hit her pussy and whilst sucking her nipples I slowly started moving down her body looking up every now and then to see the cuckold watching us. Once between her legs with her legs spread wide I started to gentle kiss and lick her and with her hand guided my head where she wanted me to lick and started to tongue & taste her sweet juices and moving my fingers in I pulled her lips wider apart so that I could get my tongue deeper inside before turning my attentions towards her  clitoris then circling round it driving her crazy.

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