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Cambridgeshire cuckold anyone? not sure if you fancy turning your husband into a sissy cuckold? well read this members edited story and then check out local contacts.... great story

I been involved in various ways within the Cambridgeshire swingers scene for some years and during that time I’ve tried and done most things, some pleasurable other things I’ll never return to again, but recently I’ve been enjoying the cuckold scene, more so where the husbands are sissy crossdressers.

I met Anne & Paul via the forum as one night I was reading some postings and being a bit of helpful guy offering some words of wisdom to some newbie swingers. Anne posted that they joined at first for a threesome, but Paul, her husband soon admitted that it was the idea of watching her with another man that really turned him on, but reading between the lines it was clear there was more to this so we arranged to meet in a local bar.

We met up Anne was a slim women 37 and Paul 47, once we sat down I soon could see just who was boss in this relationship and Anne did most of the talking and Paul just looked down towards his hands, I’d had some limited experience with cuckold couples and saw the signs straight away.

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It was only whilst we were chatting that she said she really wanted to fuck other guys in front of her husband and this has been feeding her fantasies for sometime, Paul then needed the loo which was handy as it meant I could chat better with Anne, once he’d gone I said that I felt Paul was showing all the signs of a submissive cuckold and the idea of humiliating him by watching her could be expanded upon and she also told me how Paul liked to dress sometimes in her bra & knickers and often would tease him and humiliate him whilst having sex and we both agreed a plan

Paul returned and I informed him I was going to shag his wife and his only involvement was to watch and he would follow every command I gave him which he agreed, I got there address and told them I was having a drink and for them to go home and I would be round there in 20 minutes and for the front door to be opened and Paul to be dressed as a sissy cuckold to which he looked at me a bit vaguely so said “wearing Anne’s bra, panties & stockings, and on all fours looking at the floor ”

Walking into there house Paul was already being a good little sissy and was dressed as ordered & Anne had surprised me by doing the same and sat on the sofa waiting for me. I could see this chair in another room and ordered Paul to fetch the chair then sit on it facing us, and using a strap tied his arms onto to the chair so that all he could do was watch and nothing else, not even touch himself…….he did this like a good little sissy

I then started to kiss Anne and my hands were all over her caressing her thighs and with her only wearing knickers and bra I had full access to her already so told her to open her legs…wide and I teased her pussy through her knickers and reaching around I undid her bra and her nipples were already hard and moving towards her tits I sucked her nipple that had the desired effect "Oh, my god," she moaned.

Looking over towards her cuckold husband I asked Anne if he was good at oral sex? "He’s crap she responded” and I could see he was embarrassed at his sexual failings and not being able to do the mist simplest of sexual pleasures. With that I pulled Anne’s knickers off “ I’ll show him how to lick pussy, watch and learn and maybe one day you’ll be as good as me”

Laying her on the sofa and opened her legs wide knowing her husband would now be able to see just as much as I could and that another guy was just about to lick his wife’s pussy and I first licked her pussy lips, then sucked her clit flicking it with my tongue. By now Paul was on the end of the chair trying to see and I ordered him back, otherwise I’d send him out of the room, returning back to licking her pussy.

Standing up I removed all my clothing and getting back onto the floor I pulled Anne towards me forcing my cock deep into her and Anne let out a scream of pleasure and wrapping her legs around me pulled me deeper and started to fuck me like she’d never had sex before and it wasn’t long before I felt her pussy tighten up and she came . 

With my cock still inside her I drained every drop into her then pulling out I ordered Anne to sit back onto the sofa and open her legs wide and as she did this, you could see my cum dripping from her. I sat back on the sofa and it was only then that Anne noticed Paul had cum inside her knickers and with that I looked at Anne, “do you think your sissy wants to taste his own cum” and with that she walked over and pushing her hand into his sissy knickers wiped cum around her fingers and then made him lick each finger clean     

Sitting back on the sofa “ I think we are going to have a lot of fun with your sissy husband” and with that Anne lowered her head back onto my lap and started sucking my cock whilst I was looking at Paul  .........this is going to be fun...

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