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Love the idea of fucking an Irish Hotwife whilst the husband watches? This story was posted within a members cuckold blog...

Before you contact me read my Ireland cuckold story as whilst I do fuck males behind my husbands back, sometimes he’s around and I let him watch other times I’ll just return with my cum soaked knickers and show him the good fucking I’ve just had.

This story is about an Irish bull I’ve been meeting, well when I say meeting I mean FUCKING and fuck does he know how to please a hotwife, this is a recent meet we’d had, enjoy and if you think you can please a very demanding Irish hotwife then you better drop me a line.

It was pretty clear some years ago that my husband was never going to please me the way I wanted, not only was his cock so little that he couldn’t give me a good fucking but was so weak had no hope of controlling me so now he’s a cuckold husband wearing CB-6000 chastity device!

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My Irish cuckold wears a chastity device and I hold the key, he only plays when I say so!

Don’t know what one is? Tut tut, good job you're not my husband, it’s a device that stops him wanking and when his balls get so big and heavy that he can’t cope any longer as the hotwife or key holder I’ll milk him - what a bitch but we both love it.

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A little about my current bull, he’s a young bull that lives and works in Belfast and whilst I live in Lisburn its not a problem as he “cums” to me. He’s 15 years younger me but I’ve always been a bit of cougar so prefer my bulls younger and he's hung like a frigging donkey   

So knowing my little sub was at home doing housework I logged onto the site and sent him a private message and waited, waited, checked messages and waited and I got hornier and fuckin hornier each time I sent a message, by 4 I was really starting to think I was going to have to head home and take myself to bed with my favourite toys and to be a complete bitch I’ll let my cuckold watch … - ’ll I have to have some fun

It was 5:30 and I was just about to leave the office a frustrated Irish hotwife when I just logged onto the site and at last a message telling me the hotel address and as it was on the Lisburn road knew just which one it was so headed out to meet with him

Getting in the car by now my pussy was so yearning for his attention it was almost dripping with my juices and creamy with the expectation of his attention and imagining him all hot n horny!! I got to the hotel and pulled into the car park and walking to the room number knocked on the door and he opened the door with that horny dirty look on his face

I excused myself so I could head into the toilet and slip into something a little more sexier than my office dress suit and I emerged a few minutes later wearing boots, stockings and a new matching thong and bra, but I knew they wouldn’t stay on for long but wanted him to wait a whilst so I walked around the hotel room teasing him and bending over right in front of his face wiggling my arse towards him lol

As I turned away he came up behind me, kissing my neck and breathing on ear and with his tender kissing along my neck making my whole body shake with excitement and with a hand he moved around cupping my massive tits through my bra then slipping his hands under my bra and squeezing my tits and pinching my hard nipples giving both pleasure and pain at the same time

I'd been fantasising about this all day!! Standing back he took another look at me and clearly he loved my new stockings and sexy underwear and without saying anything else ordered me to STRIP and before long I was naked and lying back on the bed......

Shaking in anticipation he moved down towards my creamy pussy and opened my legs wide for him so his tongue could explore my shaven pussy and feel the warmth of his wet tongue hitting right onto my clit and exploring deep inside my juicy wet  pussy.....looking up towards me our eyes meet with each other as he looked up from my pussy still with my juices all over his face mmmmmm I want your cock inside me NOW

Pulling him towards me his body slipped up me and wrapping my legs around him guided his cock straight into my pussy and he started fucking me. We road and fucked in every way you could image and after 20 minutes he rewarded me with my first cum loads….that was the first of three that night and 3 hours later I just about managed to walk of the hotel room wearing my thong that was now soaked in his cum.

Driving home I was almost still cuming and already thinking about our next meet. Walking into the house my husband was in the kitchen cleaning so made in sat down onto a chair and placing my foot on his lap pulled my dress up showing him all the cum around my thong and running down my legs - clean it...

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