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Looking to meet with Ireland trannys? whether its from Southern Ireland or Northern Ireland one things for certain we have the contacts...

It's pretty easy to say that the Ireland transvestite scene is very strong, well at least that is the online community and hundreds of Irish trannies across both Southern Ireland & Northern Ireland turns towards online contacts sites to help meet with both admirers and other Irish trannys, and trust me there's no shortage of horny trannies looking for some fun!

But the real question comes is why irish tranny site to join....well hopefully that will be us as we can offering you range of features and services that will help you meet with contacts in Ireland. And with our advance not only can you search by town, region but also distance meaning its easy to meet up with local contacts

But lets be honest your here to check out the local Irish tgirls so posted below are just a few featured profiles so that you can have some idea whats on offer.

But even better on the left we offer direct access to ALL trannies from Southern Ireland & Northern Ireland and from there you can even view towns close to you

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Note - all images on this pages ARE from members adverts hence the reason they have been edited, as a member you'll be access view all media uploaded !

  • Access All Profiles ( Southern Ireland) :- Hi Im Jayne a convincing TV least thats what friends have told me thats looking for local meets to me in Dublin as I can't drive...well I can but don't have my license anymore ;o(. I'm a fun person thats 5'6", slim and a small build that helps me look feminine when dressed. I have lots of wigs so my hair colour depends on what I'm wearing & my mood. I do dress fully with make up and I'm totally smooth in fact you won't find a bit of hair on me other than head, but even thats short so the wigs fit better. I do have an interest in the BDSM side of meeting and enjoy playing the role dominant tv mistress but I can switch and be a little sweet submissive schoolgurl should you want someone to spank. As for outfits just tell me what you fancy seeing me in and I'm sure I can meet your needs. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( N.I ):- New to the site and Belfast so please be nice, but if your going to be naughty make sure I'm around. I've only just moved here and live alone and struggling to find local contacts but I'm only looking to meet with trannies that dress fully and not the knickers and stocking guys...sorry just not my thing. I have lots of outfits and styles in fact enjoy taking on the role when dress from naughty housewife to slutty girlfriend /wife but when ever I dress I always try to look as feminine as I can taking time over how I look and general appearance. So drop me a line and lets meet and I'm only looking to meet with members that understand the word discretion. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( ireland ) :- I'm a married crossdresser that loves to meet up outside for tranny dogging meets...there just something about getting fucked outside thats so horny and even if i wasn't married and had a place it would probably be my preference. I'm 45 a little over weight (size16) and whilst i'm not totally smooth I'm neatly trimmed down below. Looking to meet with all members although females will need a strap on as i do love getting fucked especially so when bent over a tree .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( N.I Londonderry ) :- I'm new to the scene in fact I've only recently started buying outfits...Question, wheres the best place to buy tranny clothing in ireland? Right back to my profile, I'm 26 single and living alone and whilst i'm happy to have friends over i will want to chat on the phone first and build some trust before I hand over my address. I'm slim and do look good when dressed although I'm just so crap with make up HELP... So I'm really keen to meet with other Ireland TV/TS that will give me some tips. Sexually I'm into most things as I've been bisexual for some years, just now I slip into something sexy .(more)

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