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Looking to access female swingers fantasies? you know most people join swingers sites to try different things out or work out some swingers fantasies, read this female contacts story …..naughty female secretary

My swingers fantasy ……..I’ve been working for this company for some time and always had an inclining that’s the boss had a thing for me, not that I would say no as he wasn’t offensive to the eyes in fact I’d be more than up for some fun…but I never dreamed it was going to happen in his office of all places!!

The factory was closed today and I was catching up with some paperwork and needed to access some files in Jons office (Jon is the owner BTW) so opening the door I looked in and he wasn’t around so headed inside. Walking over towards his desk he’d left the PC on so being a bit of nosy cow I opened his browser and looked at his history…seems the porn block on the office computers doesn’t apply to his and he loves the naughty secretary look, you know the type tight fitting white blouse, massive tits sticking out and black stockings …..quick look down at me and now I can see why he hired me LOL

Walking over to the filling cabinet I opened the drawers one by one till I found the paperwork I was looking for and knowing I was alone in the office I didn’t really care about just how I was bending over so I wasn’t doing the usual knees bend but bending fully over feeling the breeze blowing between my stocking covered legs. It was whilst bent over that I heard a sound behind me and without standing up over around my legs to see Jon standing there clearly admiring my black stockings and probably a flash of my knickers ….I straightened up and adjust my skirt back into place... knowing full well he’d seem probably a lot more of me than he’d every seen before and after seeing his porn taste probably giving him more than enough wanking material for a few months   ....

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He was now looking at my more than ample tits that were squeezed into a half cup bra and with my top button undone was enjoying the view and with my tight office white blouse my breast were pressing out against the blouse, breathing in made them appear even bigger and by now I knew I had his attention, the question is just how far will this go… His glaze then looks downwards towards my black skirt and now my stockings.

Pulling his hand free he moved them to behind me squeezing my arse and fondling me and without saying anything else tells me to pull my knickers off…reaching inside my skirt I tong my thong off and let it drop to the floor and he then passes me some files and orders me to file these in the bottom draw knowing full well I would have to bend over fully again, blushing I take them from him and walking over bent right over making sure again my skirt rode right up my stockings and opening my legs slightly he was able to get full view of my shaven pussy

Walking up behind me he placed a hand onto my thigh, then moved it higher and higher till he found the bare skin above my stocking tops and I could feel his fingers exploring and my excitement was building waiting for him to get to my pussy and moaning out aloud as his fingers found my smoothness and I pushed back against his hand opening he could explore me further

By now I was soaked and his fingers were exploring until he slid a finger deep inside me pushing it deep and at the same time stroking around the outside with a sensation that was driving me crazy with excitement and knowing full well I wanted my boss to fuck me in the office and NOW. Reaching around I took his hand and started moving it slowly backwards and forwards in a fucking action and I was getting so worked up juices were running down my thigh.....I moved a little so that my skirt moved right up and by now could see clearly my pussy and stocking tops.

Hearing him moving down he knelt behind but still his fingers were exploring inside me, probing me, and stroking my clit, all the time trying to stay in control knowing that when his tongue hit me I was probably going to cum on contact. Feeling his face against my thighs and starting to find my most sensitive part and feeling him explore my delicate area and my wetness flowed and his tongue flicked my clit and I have my first orgasm

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