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Reading blogs offers a real insight into a members thoughts and this Berkshire bifem sure as heck knows how to get her point across ............guys we could learn a lot from this member

Where do I start this is my first blog posting and basically I’m a bisexual women from Berkshire that’s joined here to finally get my itch scratched …I’ve been wanted sex with another women for sometime and now I’m doing something about it. I wanted to start this blog so others could here hopefully about my Berkshire bifem meets ….. so here goes, enjoy and if you’re a bifem from Berkshire and you enjoy what you read and see ( photos in my profiles advert ) then contact me.

After uploading the photos I checked out some of the other members profiles from both straight and bi and even lesbian contacts and straight away I knew something more risky needed posting up, so the razor came out and I gave myself a very smooth shave and my little pussy some TLC …..which always leads onto something else

Right now I’ve only posted a single “naughty” photo up and hopefully after I meet with some members I may even post some of us making love…yes that’s right guys bisexual women do make love to each other not just fuck..( sorry rant off) mind you looking at the photo of my pussy so smooth, bare of any hair just wants me want to lick it myself, which I can't do, but there again if you could lick your own pussy would you ever get ANYTHING done ……lol .

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So, I can't lick me….anyone else want to help a frustrated women? But what I can offer in return is to give someone that kind of loving tongue attention that only another women can offer to another and as I love having my pussy licked by another I likewise adore eating pussy. The difference, well one of them between a male licking a women and another women going down is the art of doing it properly.

I do love the tease, removing a women’s clothing and undressing her is all part of the tease & build up to the night as you slowly lift a sexy women skirt or slowly taking down her jeans as you tug gently with just a couple of fingers, then exposing her pert bottom and the beautiful globes of her bottom. I find kissing the area at the top of a women thigh and below her bottom soooooo erotic as you tease these sensual anderotic zones. As you enjoy this you get the musky smell of her and the excitement as you lightly place your nose against the crotch of her knickers getting ready to take things further.

By now I’m already starting to cream my own knickers as I tease and enjoy myself and like me my lover would also be getting wetter and hopefully lot wetter. But shes not going to have my tong just yet as I kiss, lick and touch her thighs making sure I nibble just around her knickers that by now have a very wet patch forming, now I want your pussy as much as you want my tong against your clit so slowly I slip my tongue inside your knickers.

With my other hand I slide it under your bottom and gently lift your pussy towards my face breathing out so you can feel my breath against your thighs and when you can’t hold back any longer I rip your knickers to one side, forcefully and look at your pussy with juices oozing from you and longing to have the attention of my tong, fingers. Looking at your face your flush with excitement I turn my attentions back to your pussy and start to tongue & lick your clit making you arch your back right up and brushing your pussy know its making me just as wet as you and we both get even wetter.

Turning my attentions towards your swollen clit that’s throbbing with anticipation and running my tongue along your drenched lips I circle your clit and then place my lips around your clit and suck you hearing you sigh out in relief and start to suck and lick you. Pressing my face against your pussy I leisurely lick and suck your lips before pushing my tong deep into you and with my face pressed hard against your pussy your swollen lips are pressing right against the side of my face and my fingers are pulling your lips ensuring I get VERY deep bringing you toward your first orgasm.

What would be the icing on the cake, maybe a guy behind me entering my pussy and fucking, with my bottom firmly in the air he would have complete access to my pussy and arse taking his time choosing which one to use, as I’m being fucked silly you now take my hair and pull me deep into your pussy grinding your soaking wet pussy and groaning out my name and as I lick bring you towards another orgasm you want to be that women? I'll update my blog hopefully after my meet 

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