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How we got into swinging with another couple whilst enjoying a karaoke night

I love reading members stories and this one was recently sent in where a couple got into swinging whilst playing karaoke !! You maybe wondering how an evening of karaoke can turn into a couple trying swingers meets for the first time but does it really mater what your doing so long as the end result is enjoying some swapping

If your not a member of a swingers website breaking the ice and bringing up the subject of swinging / wife swapping can be hard going, after all we've all had mixed / confused signals from others and not really sure if they want to try swinging or not - Least being a member of a contacts site theres never any confusing just why you are here ..........enjoy this story and join us today to meet with local couples

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Our first Swinging meet & how we got into the swinging scene

We'd always talked about swinging though I never thought that it would happen as my wife is not a bold outgoing type and I always thought that it would have to be out of the blue rather than planned. We had been together 11 years and the sex life was still regular and okay but was lacking that little spark!

We got friendly with some neighbours Max and Sam, and had some drunken nights in where we would have games and competitions and the losers would have to do dares like flash their tits but it never went further than that...until one night out of the blue.

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My wife Naomi and Sam lost a game and the dare was to sing a karaoke song in their knickers only. This they did and promptly lost the next game after, when both me and Max had the same idea and said the next song had to be naked. They both refused, however I walked behind Naomi as she was singing and slid her briefs down to her ankles without any protest leaving her stood there in front of Max with her shaved pussy on display. Max then stood up and did the same to Sam revealing her mousey brown landing strip. It should be said that Naomi has a cracking body, slim with curves in the right places and a pair of 34b tits in proportion. Sam is a bigger girl, not fat but a little chubby with huge tits.

Me and Max then lost the next game and we were told the dare was to sing a song naked. We didn't have to be asked twice and completed our task which left us all stood there starkers. All of a sudden I looked across the room to the sofa where Sam and Max were and Sam was sucking Max's cock. I looked at Naomi with a smirk and pushed her back on our sofa. Naomi started to wank me as I played with her but she was definitely more interested in what Max and Sam were up to and by now Max had Sam in doggy style over the sofa and her huge tits were swinging back and forth as Max's thick cock slammed into her.

I managed to get Naomi's attention by spreading her legs and ramming my now rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. After around five minutes I still noticed Naomi taking the odd glance across to the other sofa and lowered my mouth to her ear and whispered 'do you fancy swapping?' Much to my surprise and without hesitation she smiled at me and nodded her head. I got off her stood up and shouted to Max who by this time was banging Sam missionary style. He looked up at me and I grinned at him with my arm outstretched pointing towards Naomi who was still lying back on our sofa legs akimbo, pussy lips slightly apart where I had just removed my cock from it.

Max smiled, looked at Sam who sat up and smiled and nodded her head. Me and Max walked the couple of paces past each other and all of a sudden there I was with my still rock hard cock inches away from Sam's face. She lent forward and put my cock straight in her mouth. I let her suck me off for a minute or so then pushed her back on the sofa and moved between her legs. This position brought my face to within a couple of feet of Max and Naomi and was the first glimpse of my wife now with her legs up on Max's shoulders and his cock driving in between her full pussy lips. I'll never forget it, she was looking back at me with a nervous looking grin on her face as if to say what am I doing? Enjoy yourself I mouthed at her, she smiled nodded and looked away.

I now rubbed my cock up and down Sams pussy till I felt that familiar give and pushed. Wow the tightest pussy I had put my cock in for many a year and Sam started to moan quite loudly. I had noticed that although not small by any means my cock was longer but about the same girth as Max's and I got a little paranoid because Sam wasn't moaning like that early with Max. I looked across at Max and Naomi who had moved the other end of the sofa that they were on and realised that it didn't matter as they were happily engaged in what they were doing with Naomi legs akimbo I could see Max's shaft thrusting into her with his balls banging on her pert arse and Naomi who was never the loudest in bed giving her whimpers of pleasure. I got my mind back to Sam and started to ram my cock in and out of her hard and fast.

Her huge tits were bouncing away and she was almost screaming. Harder and faster I went for about ten minutes until she started to come and with this I pulled my cock out and squirted my cum all over her tits. Now came the slightly awkward bit as I realised that although getting there Max and Naomi were still banging away. I looked down at Sam and we both looked at the other Sofa and then back at each other. Sod it I thought and shoved my now semi erect cock back in Sam who didn't object.

I did this while having a good look at Max banging my wife who had changed position slightly just enough for me to see her face and tits bouncing and yes she was having fun. I could tell she was about to cum herself and she was getting as noisy as I had heard her for a while. Max probably realising this to started to go faster and faster and then pulled his cock out and spurted his spunk all over her tits as she shuddered to an orgasm.

We all agreed it was a fun night and me and Naomi went home and had the best sex we'd had for many a year. This was three years ago and we agreed it is something that we would do occasionally and have done about six times now but have progressed to some girl on girl and two on one - but that is a number of other stories to be told!...

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