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I've always enjoy flashing in public and since getting married my flashing is getting more risky in far more public locations ........read my flashing housewife confession

Whilst I'm a swinger with my husband now, this isn't about a recent flashing that I did and more just how I got into the whole flashing in public scene and if you check out our profile I've posted some photos of me flashing where we live in Bedfordshire. This is a true story, although names have been changed to protect the innocent ;o)

I’ve always had this thing about being outdoors naked and flashing in public it was more about a tease and quick flash NEVER before had I consider just walking about letting others seeing me in the nude. I’ve done a quick streak before but this was going into another level of flashing

In the past my flashing was just at naturist beaches - OK OK before you throw your toys was I know that wasn’t really flashing but a girl has to start somewhere and at the time I was only 18 and was also in a group, but I knew that I wanted to do a solo flashing in public, but this time I wanted a far more public place somewhere where people would look on “shocked” and on my own!

Flashing in public was something I wanted to do... little did I know just how far it would go

At the time when I started getting into flash I was 19 and at uni and it was whilst here that my opportunity finally arose to get outdoors naked. At the time when I was living in Bedford I was house sharing with 3 other girls and YES get 3 girls alone in a house and the parties and fun was endless….

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Kaz, Paula and Anna were all on the same uni course and also shared the bedrooms as there was only two and before you guys asked NO we didn’t all have sex, true I was bi curious at that time but never acted on my feelings, now being a swinger I’m long gone past being bi curious and have enjoyed a lot of bifem meets, but that’s another story

I shared with Kaz and Paula & Anna had the other and we had a bit of a time out thing when boyfriends came round so we would leave the room, after all what a tease just watching a couple having sex and not being able to play! I’d never told my fellow housemates about my flashing and was finding it hard to kinda tell them I wanted to flash at strangers and run around naked in a public place, plus some aren’t that confident about being totally naked around others and happy about getting their clothes off and flashing in public!

My plot started and I had an idea about how I could involve my housemates and it started one night after a nights drinking and challenging ourselves to do forfeits. In the past these had always been pretty tame with losers doing a forfeit that was taken from a large glass. The arrangement was anyone coming to see us could drop a forfeit to the glass, but there was guidelines as to how far these forfeits could be you know the types of things like doing cooking for the night, washing up never anything too naughty - we were only young girls and this is going back a good few years ago and we weren’t anything like the fearless young girls of today

But this was all going to change as I’d done another forfeit which involved stripping of naked and flashing and running outside fully naked. I knew that I couldn’t just add the forfeit so waited for the right time and this happened one night when we were all enjoying a night of drinking and dancing.

I’d just lost a drinking bet (on purpose) and making sure the other girls didn’t see dropped my flashing note into the glass as I placed my hand into the glass to pick one out, making sure it was the one I’d just placed in there. I pulled out the forfeit handing it to Paula and once she read it handed it to the other girls laughing

Looking at her putting my best confused look on I pretended to be totally shocked “who added that forfeit?” Suspicions were pointed towards the boyfriends but we were clueless which one, and they all agreed that the forfeit was way too much, but I responded by telling them that a forfeit is a forfeit !! and that if anyone else had pulled it from the glass they would have to do it.

So, after it was agreed that I would flash somewhere in public the girls said that I really should start geting used to be naked around others....so standing up I removed my clothes and stopping at my bra and knickers was sure that my room girlfriend was showing a lot more interest than a "straight" girl should and once naked and standing in front of the other Anna said ......dare you to walk outside NOW

Thye door was opened and I claimly walked outside, around the cars parked and back into the house ....the girls were so shocked that I was able to do this without a care and after slipping my clothes on when upstaries and played with myself knowing that not only had my house girlfriends had seen me naked but I'd walked outside .........next was the strip in a far morer public place and the local park seemed the location - Once back downstares the girls stil could get over the fact I was happy to strip and flash......I then told them were I was going to strip in public and wanted to be there help.

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