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This story was posted within a members blog and tells about how they tried dogging out at a Cambridgeshire Dogging location .....great story

The idea of couples going out so voyeurs can watch them is the theme of this members story and whether its a fantasy or really happened is something you'll have to ask the couple that posted this story. This Cambridgeshire dogging story was posted within the members blog and as a member you can access loads of other stories sent in by members

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We’ve often chatted about outdoor sex and a few nights ago I was reading some of the dogging forum postings where members were discussing the different types of dogging meets they’ve tried, theres me just thinking that dogging was about couples going to car parks and letting guys have sex with there wifes

When my husband came over to the PC I showed him some of the discussions and after reading a few he went back to watching the box and I thought he’d not really taken much notice…did I get that wrong

We were heading out and driving along we drove past our usual shopping centre, ugh ! and then headed out of town and asking him he said it’s a surprise.. we pulled into this small carpark on the outskirts of town and getting out I could tell he had that naughty look and grabbing the car rug I knew just what he had on his mind

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I sat back onto the rug leaning back against a tree and the night was still and very quiet, it was then I heard a sound coming from some trees and wondered what in the fuck was going on and it was then Ken (my husband) told me this was one of the members on the site and he likes to watch others having sex outdoors, in fact when I showed him your photo he offered to video us fucking outdoors so long as he could have a copy and with that ran his hand under my dress ...

It didn’t take him long before he found my bare skin and knowing someone was watching us made me feel so dirty and very horny and the sexual tension between us built and turning towards him he smiled “ you approve” and I leaned towards him kissed him passionately .

His tong brushing against mine and knowing how excited I was it took nothing to start arousing me and knowing we had someone watching and videoing us made me want him so bad .

He moved his hands around my back and up and inside my tshirt and slipped the fastener on my bra and moved his hand to the front playing and teasing my nipples and they grew harder by my desire for more. I needed him and removing my boots I pulled down my jeans along with my little thong and even though there was a little chill in the air my skin was burning with excitement  

I moved my attention towards his jeans and pulling his shoes off I undid his jeans and removed his cock that was now rock hard and placing my hand onto his cock wanked him off for a little while before moving down and taking all his cock straight into my mouth

I knew he was excited way more than normal as I tasted some pre cum that was so sweet and this just drove my own passion making me want him so much. I had now forgotten about our dogging voyeur that was videoing us but now ached to feel his cock inside my wet pussy

It was odd as normally I love the lead up and foreplay that goes along with sex, but not now I wanted to fucked and pulling him onto the rug I laid him down and he looked up at me “ you dirty whore” that was all I needed and straddled him lowering myself down onto his hard cock. Slipping onto him his cock slide deep inside making me gasp and looking at him with lustful intent I started to ride his cock grinding further down onto

Moaning I started grinding hard and harder into him, not giving a fuck that we were fucking outdoors and a stranger was watching us, maybe that made me more dirty, horny I don’t know, but all I do know is if he’d walked over there and then I would have sucked him off at the same time of fucking my husband

With his cock inside me and my moistness I was squeezing him with my tight pussy and pulling me against me started fucking me hard, he was going so hard I felt like a real slut fuck and loved it moving more quicker as I became more excited with urges taking over as we both came almost at the same time. The sex was amazing and I think I can say we didn’t make love we FUCKED each other and have a video to show for it, next time we may invite someone to join us and  I can see the real attraction to dogging now...

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