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Looking for some Peterborough tgirl fun? then your in the right place ......

Its the county town and the Peterborough transvestites scene offers just about the best in local contacts for many admirers & Peterborough tgirls, it is not the main town for any reason and now get into the local scene.

When adding these feature town pages its really interesting to see the diverse member base, from Peterborough transvestites that look to fully transforming themselves, although still only as a dressing fun to pre op transsexuals like the feature advert below thats one step away from being a trans women / post op.....

Featured :- Access All Profiles (Peterborough) I'm a TS thats married to a very special wife and whilst I'm out and indeed shes helped me a great deal with my transformation but we have no sex life, hence the reason for joining this site to meet with couples, females & other tgirls, transvestites or transsexuals..

Before you contact me please read my profile fully as its quite long but it does explain a lot bit me and being 'trans women' and unlike a tv dressing is 247 for me and I live 247 as a female/ trans women going out dressed in general and if you saw me out chances are the only looks would be a second one for the right reasons, because you've seen a fabulous female

The photos posted are me and as you can I've got very long legs that and pert bottom !.... and just so you know my inside leg is 40" and those shoes have 3" heels.. I've only edit my face out as to all I'm a female and do not want others knowing I'm a transsexual ( once we start talking via message I will send you photos showing my face )

y wife does know I've joined this site and is supporting me meeting with others and I know this is genuinely very rare. Yes, we do live together but she doesn't accept me sexually as a female, least yet.I have been taking hormones which means whilst I still have male genitalia its redundant and pretty small but can use fingers, lips and a tongue to a very high level of skill and would love to experience receiving anal.. I love dressing in fabulous lingerie, sexy outfits and smooth all over and love hands running across my body and here to meet . (more)

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Note - These adverts are from recently viewed Peterborough Tgirls (edited to protect them)

  • Access All Profiles (Peterborough):-Hiya! I'm a 26 y/o transvestite thats very slim some would say skinny. I'm smooth all over and you'll not find any body hair what so ever ( other than head ;o)) I've been a tgirl since I was 15 and absolutely love transforming myself and then meeting up with guys even better if VWE. I do like rough sex and have a fantasy to try rape outdoor sex but obviously role playing but do love it as rough and hard as you can fuck me. I would like to try bukkake meets as I give the best head ever and love love a group of guys all wanking over me taking turns to cum or let me suck them of as like really enjoy being spunked on. My dress style is really slutty but I have loads of outfits most short, sexy but always slutty. I do love anal and have attended a couple of gangbangs and used for many times. I'm open to ANY offers and can meet with members at my home our. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Peterborough ):- I am a married crossdresser and my wife doesn't know so meets must be discreet and at yours or outdoors. I'm been xdressing for a good few years and I dress fully but don't use make up and basically I look like a drag queen, I do use a wig. Im quite slim ( size 14) with nice legs, trim fit body, and under 10stone. I'm not smooth but do have minimal body hair and would love to meet other Peterborough crossdressers or s,also guys with a love of cds,I prefer .. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Peterborough ) :- Yo, ello everyone I've just joined as I'm single now and so can accommodate for some nsa fun in mine. I'm happy to meet with all but do love a mature admirer so males over 50 yes please drop me a message especially if you enjoy meeting with passive transvestites. I love anal, oral and lots of kissing and I absolutely adore using my mouth sucking a hard cock and the feeling when a guy shoots his load into my mouth. I'm game for trying most things out as I do like trying different things so long as safe and no pain. I'm also happy if someone wanted to stay over night & we can wake up to .(more)

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