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You don't often hear about dogging threesomes, sometimes I do in the blogs & forums but this is the first time I've read a members story about what happen when he tried dogging and got a little more than he expected...

I live in Essex and before I joined this site was looking around for localish locations as I’d done are the usual thing of driving around car parks, laybys and even tried the odd county park or 3 so I was getting desperate so in an effort to find contacts turned online and headed towards Google for Essex dogging locations

And you know that’s where I found a few, not many but enough to point me in the right direction, but it was the contacts that then suggested going to contacts sites so joined this one but back to my dogging. It really was quite scary getting into the car and heading out to some dark car park, it makes you wonder do women do this alone? Something I’ll have to post about in my new blog I’ve started now that I’m a member

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Pulling into a car park I’d read on Google about its dark, looks dodgy and already I’m starting to think “fuck this I’m turning around and getting out” My mouth is so dry but the little guy is starting to take over and he sure as hell has a lot more control over me then my other brain, I'm just annoyed that I didn’t research the "dogging rules", are there any? Something else I can blog about .

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Reminding myself as I pull into the car park “this is what I want to do” YES DO IT as I want to experience it for myself, I’ve read the book, seen the dogging dvds , which BTW I’m sure are fake yes? No? Parking up there are cars parked up all over in dark little corners, some looking like they are empty whilst others “seem” to have some action going on and as I park up I’m lighting up the car park like a lighthouse tower and wondered straight away if I’m pissing others off, so quickly turn the lights off as I park up  

Parking up I’m left wondering what next? I’m waiting for some magical signal to come over and join a couple or even to be invited over and allowed to watch / share / fuck I don’t frigging know and by noqw my cock is rock hard and my old ticker is  thumping away so hard but nothing not even a flash so head towards another car park I’d heard about, by now my first dogging is turning into a wet blanket and I’m wondering if theres horny dogging couples aren’t some urban myth

Pulling into the next its close to a wood and seeing only one car did make me wonder whether it was worth parking up but did and headed into towards the corner this time dipping my car lights first and parked up and started to play with my cock thinking what might have been as it was seriously needing some attention and was more than ready to explode!

Another car pulls into the car park next to mine, this time lowers its passenger window…”fuck me, I’ve got a live one” the inside car light is on and looking out is a young female that looks to be in her 30's " fancy some fun?"......fancy some FUCK ME I nearly came straight away now how gutting would that be....all night with nothing and then when a car pulls in I shoot my load but I didn't

Getting out they told me what they wanted which was voyeur sex and I could watch and wank off if I wanted too, they were both bisexual and I was more than up to watch or maybe get some oral action from either of them …“Sure I’m up for that” and just after saying that another guy walks over from the other car and if he can watch / join also “sure the couple says the more cum the better” straight away the guy wastes no time in pulling his wife's skirt up and starts licking her

By now the wife is well worked up and drops to her knees and getting her husbands cock out starts sucking him off and then we get a bit of shock as the husband offers us a chance to have our cocks sucked off and one at a time get an AMAZING blow job mouth action as she took in turns … She was then bent over the car and the husband was fucking her hard whilst we resumed our wanking positions then the husband reached over and it was clear he wanted to wank the other guy off and maybe he wasn’t up for that but I sure as fuck was so walked over and he gave me a helping hand and started wanking me off!

The husband was clearly loving this as he was fucking the wife and wanking me off and he soon shot his load quickly inside her and pulling back then both kneeled down in front of me and alternately took turns to suck me off until I shot my load and the other guy did shortly afterwards. Afterward we left and the next night I joined this site to further explore my bi side and also find better local dogging sites - I've NOT been disappointed...

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