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West Mids dogging female slave

West Midlands swinger and dogging slave tell us about her road down the dogging/ BDSM scene and how she joined the site just to have some fun with other horny males, couples & females but this took a turn when a master contacted her and got her interest in the BDSM scene

From swinger to sex slave!

When I joined swingers zone I was really i the frame of mind for meeting up with dogging contacts and just have a good time with hopefully a bit of bifem fun thrown in as well as I did have an interest in sex with other women - But it was when Peter contacted me that my interest in BDSM started and this is a true story about one of his little controlling dogging meets we had

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Birmingham dogging slave - Swingers Stories by county

I really didn't know what to expect my owner told to me to be ready and looking dirty for friday evening, so I started out by getting myself ready and looking as slutty as I could so put on holdups, my highest 6" stiletto sandals, black satin miniskirt with an EXTREMELY high slit up one leg and a small top.

The door went and going downstairs opened the door expecting some type of response but was greeted with a "That wont do at all, come with me" and taking me back upstairs got my lipstick out and put more on making me look like a complete tramp which was the look he wanted of me. Then getting a small leather jacket told me to put that on as he didn't want me getting too cold and it was then that I knew he had some outdoor sex lined up and as he'd never taken me dogging before really didn't know what to expect

Getting into the car we drove to this industrial estate in Birmingham and pulling into a dark car park he gets out a ball gag and fastens it onto my face and ordering me out of the car then places a dog collar and lead on me and gets a cardboard sheet thats written on it " this is MY slave, fuck her, use her, do anything, she will not say NO" and with that placed that over my neck and walked me over to some toilets that were in the corner

Once there he then placed a blindfold on me and with the lead then tied it to the toilet door and walked away, I was just left there standing not knowing what was going to happen and then I heard footsteps walking towards me and I was so nervous I was almost pissing myself with fear which I know if I did my master would love

As they approached me It sounded like two males as one held my shoulders and I wondered what would happen next but nothing then I heard a zip being pulled down in front of me and someone removed the ball gag but I knew not to say a word but with my blindfold on I didn't have a clue who it was or even how old they were and taking my head he guided it towards his cock and pushed it deep down my month

He started to fuck my mouth the the other male pulled my skirt over my hips and ripping my knickers off pushed his dick straight into me and proceeded to fuck me hard, with guys at both end fucking me my knees were almost giving out on me and as each one came inside me I came as well. They both pulled out of me and I was alone again for what seemed like ages till my master came over and taking the lead took me back to the car and back home where he fucked me ..................

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