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Lets be honest the Bournemouth transvestites scene has reinvented itself over the last 10 years and no longer is Bournemouth is it just assumed to be full of mature tgirls...its a vibrant seaside town full of possibilities...

Its the largest town within Dorset and clearly one of the most active going along the South other than perhaps Southampton .....but its without doubt that no matter where your tv/ts/cd interests are your not going to be looking for long to meet Bournemouth Tgirl contacts and with that note some samples below along with a feature Bournemouth TV personals

Feature :- Access All Profiles (Bournemouth) I'm a nice genuine TV slut from Bournemouth thats able to accommodate and looking to meet with any & all members that know how to have some fun..

I do love being spanked so would defiantly be up for meeting with a dominant member and one that enjoy spanking naughty transvestites, I'm also not adverse to being covered in n cum..

Whist I do have a submissive side I can also be very sweet dressed and will tease a guy / contact having some fun whilst in my stockinged feet, heels ( very high) and not much else ..although I do fully dress

I do have a thing for kneeling in front of a male admirer and having my mouth fucked and cum over but more than happy once I've pleased you to bend over and be total slut and fucked up my bum and whether that is bareback or not is something we can talk about..

will dress to please take on the role of your little whore milking your cock and balls dry but all the time knowing you'll want more and you can slip my bottom till its nice and red and I'll squirm and whimper over your knee waiting for you to pull my silky panties down and fuck me deep taking your cock all the (more)

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Want to see more? then enjoy, but please remember the profiles below have been edited to protect members (along with all images / profiles on this page)

  • Access All Profiles ( Bournemouth ) :- I'm after my first time experience with another transvestite as I've from an early age loved dressing up in sexy outfits and lingerie but recently have taken this to another level using makeup and now trying anal sex by riding a large dildo (although this has to be done when the wife isn't around) ..This I now want to take further and experience sex with another tv/ts/cd as I would love to be fucked whilst dressed and sucking on a large cock . I don't have a huge wardrobe of outfits as being married restricts me, but I can arrange to meet up someone and assuming I have somewhere to dress will bring something along so that I can dress, do make up / nails, then we can have fun. Im not attracted to males so only other transvestites / xdressers that are aged. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Bournemouth ) :- I'm a new tgirly thats quite tall and love slipping into sexy outfits although when required can also do the sophisticated look. As you can see from my photos I do love the look and feeling of wearing PVC and then taking on the role of a tranny slut but mood depending I can be either but always with high heels and my stockings are a VERY must. I'm here for friendships with other cds/Tvs for friendship only as I class myself as a straight transvestites. Whilst i'm not single as I do have a understanding girlfriend this is for me alone and keen to build the social side especially with other more experienced transvestites and for a sex side within the fetish, BDSM as Im a submissive tgirl at heart that wants to be dominated by (more)
  • Access All Profiles( Bournemouth ) :- I'm a friendly transvestite in Bournemouth and after some local fun or at least surrounding areas. I'm single having just gotten out of a LTR and joined the site to meet with some other tgirls for fun nights going out and enjoying ourselves. Will also meet with couples, RGs so why not drop me a line and .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Bournemouth ) :- Sissy pre-op Transsexual female thats in search of a dominant woman, although will meet with males & couples. Im 32 years old and a pre-op ts ( this means I still have my fun bits if your not sure) and I'm a complete sissy TS knowing that I'm of no use to a female and just here to be her sexual slave and will please her anyway she wants and will be forced into performing sexual duties for her. I do enjoy sexual chastity play my tiny little clitty is ready and I'm locked away and will offer Mistress the key to train me as her cuckold and will please her male lovers offering clean up or other duties she requires of me. I will meet with males, females & couples but (more)

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