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It may well have the title of sunniest town in the UK but its only when you look at Eastbourne transvestites it should also have the title as horniest trannies ;o)

Inst it funny how some towns and regions get tarnished with being gods waiting ground other words full of boring old folks and thats certainly what many think of when you say Eastbourne......

Trust me the last thing you'd ever call Eastbourne Tv/TS/Cd members is boring and dull and to give you some idea I've posted below just a few of them so you can see for yourself......True theres no great Eastbourne tranny clubs scene but when you have members like ours who needs a club or a venue to hang out when you can meet up with all the local trannies right here

Enjoy the samples below and please note this personals website is only for ADULTS only use .....if your under 18 you won't be able to join the site so its pointless trying......all those old farts, myself included jump right in and check out some Eastbourne shemales ;o)

Feature..Access All Profiles ( TS in Eastbourne) ..I'm a forty something bi ts girl living in Eastbourne and can meet up at mine for some daytime meets if you don't have a place yourself..

I'm here for some fun with anyone that knows how to enjoy themselves so happy to meet singles, couples and other tv,ts,cds. I've been out of the scene for a while as I wanted to loose some weight and after 3 year absence I'm now BACK & 3 stone lighter, also living my life full time as a transsexual with my wife.

I'm obviously out as I live my life full time as a TS and here to meet up with some new friends for fun days out going shopping, maybe a bar (Harlequins etc) either going out with my wife Jo or alone

When going out I do feel very relaxed in my fem role ( better if away from our local working (Jo's work).. I'm friendly person that enjoys a good laugh and have a GSOH and enjoy my life. Ok right the naughty stuff ;o) I'm happy either way in that we can have some fun ( without Jo) or just meet up for friendship.. As you can see from my pics I do have real boobs although only little pert ones so I'm heading to charring cross and (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Eastbourne transvestite ):- hiya I'm Kaz ( thats not my real name I'll tell you that if /when we meet) First I'm only looking to meet with other trannies and sorry that doesn't include hairy guys wearing panties!! I'm a top tv that loves sex !! especially having my cock sucked by a convincing tv as I put a lot of effort into my look and would class myself as extremely convincing and often go out, normally to clubs in Brighton / London. My look I would say is modern / trend for a TV my age but its always got a bit of a sexy look which in my case is short. I always have full make up, nails and wig and you'll never seen me without. I'm a very tactile TV thats sensual & adore long sensual kissing, touching, oral and shagging ;o) but please don't ask if I take. So drop me a message and lets chat. I do use the TV chatroom here so if . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( pantyhose fun Eastbourne ) :- I'm a good looking guy thats 27 years old 5' 8 with a flat stomach ( no fat guys pls) I love dressing in thongs, stockings / pantyhose and anything tight I'm after oral only meets outdoors around Eastbourne. I know some safe places to meet so ..(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Post Op TS Eastbourne ) :- I'm a transwoman thats here to find Mr Right!! is he here?? I'm transwomen and have had GRS and male to female transwomen and after a lot of pain now able to treat like a women in the bedroom. I'm looking for that special guy that enjoys the company of special women and wants something other than just a quickie frill shag. Yes, I've got a wet pussy and NO i'm not going to post photos, thats for the bedroom or maybe the front room ;o) I've not had a full relationship with a man before and I will want to take things a little slow at first and I suppose want to be dated. Maybe I'm on the wrong site but hopefully some guys are happy to .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Eastbourne Submissive TVs):- Hi I'm Susan a submissive TV thats been dressing all of my life, well least my adult life!. I'm submissive and joined this site as I want to explore this side as whilst I've had sexual partners in the past its always been just straight sex and now I want more and I know with the right master my submissive side will come out. I've never tried any type of bondage / bdsm / S&M and keen to see my limits. I do have a good selection of fetish wear including pvc/rubber and have some toys but would love to meet with a master that had a special room put by for play and I will travel to meet. I have lots of fantasies and will (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( TV dogging ) :- Want to meet up? I love sex outdoors and have a few locations lined up that are very private and not a Eastbourne dogging sites that everyone use. I've been using a lay by thats close to me that has a overgrowth where we can use. I only offer oral only outdoor sex as I love sucking guys till they cum in my mouth and I'll never waste a drop. If the weather is crap we can have some fun in the car and know some very quite car parks where we'll not be ..(more)

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