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The Slough transvestites member base offer some of the most diverse range of contacts and races than any other town across Berkshire and whether your a TV or admirer meeting with contacts is easy....well assuming you join us first ;o)

But unlike so many other sites we offer you a little teaser first showing you some members edited photos and profiles ....

The reason the photos have been edited is not because we want to stop you seeing the members its just to protect them outside on the members section ..... but members get to see full images and MUCH bigger ;o) enjoy this preview page and then join to contact Slough shemales...tgirls.. trannies and crossdressers, they are members and waiting inside

Feature Profile, why feature this member? well read the edited profile below and trust me its a lot more involved thats how to write a profile ad ;o) PS both feature images below to this member

Feature - Access All Profiles ( Slough Tgirl ) hiya I'm Jodie a submissive tgirl that takes on the bottom role only I'm 5'8" in bare feet and when I slip into my killer heels a little under 6' and I'm not looking to meet males but females, couples and other similar trannies..

First a little about me, I'm light skinned, and have naturally light colour hair but I always use wigs. I'm slim and take a dress size 10 sometimes 12 depending where I buy it and my panties are size 8 with shoes 6-7, so all round pretty petite..

I do have a battle with keep myself smooth and its something I'm extremely passionate about as I don't like body hair (grrrrr). but I keep myself smooth were it counts when dressed and in stockings etc

My girly side is an indulgent hobby which does offer added benefits as I have to generally work at keeping myself like this and whilst GG do it naturally, sadly we gurls have to work a tad harder along with some other female traits like empathy, and thoughtfulness which I try hard to emulate.

I understand that as a transvestites no matter how hard I try I will never be totally real and couldn't pretend to view the world and things from a totally feminine viewpoint, but I try . . I don't have as much free time as I would like as I do enjoy talking with others online, but if you do see me please say "hi" I've posted a small collection of selfies and whilst I'm far from being a photographer I do love taking photos that record my success and sometimes failures when dressing up and the photos I've posted I feel offer a accurate view of the fem-me..

As I said I do enjoy the role of being a submissive tv and meeting with dominant members and I find being around powerful members makes my heart go weak (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( dogging TV Slough ):- Hello I'm the oral queen of Slough and I've probably sucked more cocks and swallowed loads than most people have had meals, assuming your under 30 ;o) !! I love sex in public places and do have a bit of kinky for VERY public meets and have sucked guys off in carparks during the daytime, but for those that prefer something a little safer I'm happy to meet at night in less public sites. I'm also into voyeurism and like flashing in public and can often be found on park benches with my legs crossed showing stocking tops and teasing guys. if they approach me I soon let on that I'm a transvestite and that I'll give them the best BJ they've ever had, you'd be amazed the amount of straight guys I've sucked off ;o) .. If you drop me a message I tell you where and when we can meet or if you like we can exchange phone numbers and just arrange a place to meet. I'm only looking for guys and its only for oral and if you want any more than well have to find somewhere a little more . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( young Slough Tv ) :- hello just joined and wanted to post up a quickie advert whilst I had a look around ;o). I'm 25 drop dead sexy and love to party. I've posted a couple of pics and here to meet guy, girls, couples and other young tvs but PLEASE no HPW. I'll be returning and updating this .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Slough Tgirl ) :- Hi, I've just moved to Slough and looking to find local gurls for social meets and maybe some fun. I'm working here for the next 12 mths and already missing my friends . I'm from Madrid and speak English well and if you like can offer some Spanish lessons ;o) I'm not looking to meet guys so please its pointless you sending me messages. I'm staying a apartment so meeting up at mine is fine. I've been a tgirl for 15 yrs and in my home town love getting out and meeting friends in tgirl bars and would love to meet other out tgirls for some fun nights out. Sexually I'm not really looking for anything right now I'm just looking for friends, but I never say never and you don't know what may pop up when we meet !. If you would .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( switch Tranny in Slough ) :- I'm switch TV thats looking for BDSM meets with either submissive or dominant members. I've been involved with the BDSM scene for sometime although only recently started switching and taken a more dominant role when meeting contacts. I'm happy to meet with all but do prefer meeting with experienced players as I don't want t show you whats required to be a slave to a domme TV. We can meet at mine or a club as I do use a a couple of TV clubs and one BDSM club that I visit once a month for some fun with like minded souls and would like to have a slave on collar / lead with me. If you were a femdom I would consider switching and having been owned for 3 yrs I know just what .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( mature Transvestite in Slough)- I've been dressing for over 30 yrs and due to a recent change in my life i'm now able to dress more fully and also meet with others. I won't bore you but last year I separated from my wife as she told me it was a case of stop xdressing or she would leave ..shes gone! This has now giving me the freedom to meet with others and spend most weekends dressed the way I want to be. I do dress fully and keep myself totally smooth and whilst I'd love to shift a little bit of weight I'm currently wear a size 16, but this has giving me a real cleavage and whilst I'm trying to diet I don't want to loose that. I'm here to meet with male admirers or other transvestites for some fun round mine. I'm into most same things and have good O & A grades so know fully how to please. When meeting males I'm a bottom TV but with other trannies I'm happy (more)

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What I would advise when contacting members that you follow these guidelines

  • make sure you fully there there profile, after all if your a guy and the TV is only looking to meet other trannies its pointless contacting them
  • don't ask loads of questions, just simple introduction message
  • don't copy and paste your advert ! doing this really does get people backs up
  • be polite !! shocking I know but it works
  • when members contact YOU respond to them even if its just a polite no thanks
  • if you don't have any photos attached to your own profile it would be a good idea to attach one to your message as you can bet the message you'll get back from the member will ask to see a photo
  • when you make arrangements to meet do turn up and not waste someones time

Following those guidelines will not only get members waiting to meet you but you'll soon be dating local Slough trannies ....maybe even tonight if you join