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Meeting with Maidenhead transvestites is no longer a hit and miss thing either heading out to Maidenhead dogging sites or trying the local free you can access local contacts FAST, easy and if you want even for FREE...welcome to the home of the UK trans scene

You maybe wondering why a swingers website has a transvestites section / page...and the answer is simple. We allow ALL contacts to join the site whether your a gay guy, an admirer or as in the samples posted here a Maidenhead shemales, trannies or just guys that enjoy slipping into something feminine, everyone is welcome and everyone has access to the features we offer our members

Its the features ( well and the horny members) that make our site stand out from all the other adult personals sites offering things like advance profile matching, discussion groups (forums),live webcam & text chatrooms and more ....if fact theres so much we've posted a page that details just what members can access ( here) and whats also avalable is a FREE membership, read about that on the right

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  • Access All Profiles( Submissive Sissy Maidenhead ):- Hello I've just updated my advert as my last one was a little old and a lots changed since being a member here, thankfully all possitve, but something thats changed is a completely new description of me and what I'm looking for, so I hope you enjoy reading it. Im a Submissive sissy CD that knows my role when meeting dominant members and thats to please them however they want and follow instructins without question, I also understand the possible consequences should I not please. I have so many roles to chose from but they are always one of a submissive CD. I do have a very petit figure which does help when being submissive and I only take a size 8 dress and I'm only just 5ft tall with a slender body type. Whilst I do have natrual fine hair I keep myself shaved smooth as I would never want to diplease Sir or Misress by having hairy legs or something else in a more private place. I have a good wardrobe and can wear most things but its always VERY feminine , pretty and do . . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Maidenhead Tgirl ) :- Hello I'm Debbie a new tgirl to the site thats joined to find some new local friends ( NO males ) I'm a convicing tgirl thats wanting to get out and have some fun so will only meet with tgirls that are out and convinicing. I dress in size 8/10 so slim and I think have a pretty good look. I'm quite tall at 5'10'' in flats so tend to not wear heels. my look is smart casual and do have a couple of dress suits that I love wearing as it gives me an office type look and dream of working as a full time secretary, but we can all have fantasies. I'm able to pass during the day so well only meet others that .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( virgin Tranny in Maidenhead ) :- I'm a TV thats here to meet other TVs and male admirers for chat and hopefully a lot more. I hate writing these things so I'll try my best. I love dressing as a girl and have been doing it for sometime but always in the closet and never meet with anyone, now I'm looking at doing something about that as I have a wardrobe full and want to start showing it off to others. I do use the chatroom here a lot as I can't meet up mid week due to work, so if you see me online say hi. Update just had my first meet and I'm no longer a virgin as I meet a very understanding guy and after a night of passion round mine finished with .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( dogging Maidenhead? )- anyone enjoy the outdoor scene? I'm looking at arranging a group meet and after a few guys for an bukakke dogigng meet. I know a very private location where we can meet and I'll be ready so that you can cover me in cum. I'm looking for up to 10 guys, ok I know I can dream but at least 3. I'll be dressed wearing PVC and no panties so that you can watch me wanking and fucking myself with large toys. I'm also after someone thats good with a camera so that I can video it as I would love to be able to post this in my profile. If your not up for outdoor bukkake still drop me a message and we could meet up outdoors. I'm will suck, fuck, lick, you tell me (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( pre op TS Maidenhead ) :- Hi my name is Toni and I'm a mature experienced pre op transsexual ( still have my bits) and I'm considering going one step further for a full SRS as I live my life as a female and want the full transition. I been permanently living as a women for 2 years now although I've not been involved with the contacts side and I'm feeling a little loney so joined up and looking for men. I'm ONLY looking for top males and males that will treat me as a female. I do love sex especally deepthroat and love being fucked hard. Im very submissive and will do almost anything to please a man but my biggest turn on is kissing so if your not into kissing TS then please don't contact me as I really do love long passionate kissing. Should I have a full SRS you'll need to support me and ..(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( sex in tights Maidenhead Bi male ) :- I'm not a CD and about as far from a tranny as could be imagined, but I do have a passion for wearing tights and want to meet with other guys for some fun in tigths. I've been bi for a while and enjoy O & A but now would like to meet other guys that enjoy sex in tights. We cam meet at mine as I'm single but as I live in a small flat you must be discreet when calling round, or if you wantcould meet at yours. Drop me a ..(more)

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