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Whilst the Lancashire transvestite scene is assumed to be all centred the Gay capitol of North West theres just as many members in other towns and we hope to see yours soon as well.....

To give you a little idea of just whats on offer and types of personals advert that Lancashire tgirls are posted we've added this feature preview page where edited sample personals and members photos are posted

Whilst its a tad frustrating that you can't contact the members directly from here once inside the members section you'll also have free access to a vast range of other advance features such as webcam chatrooms, forums, message boards and text based transvestite chatrooms...and thats just a couple of the features

So fancy checking out some Lancashire trannies? enjoy and join us soon ..should you want more personals just use the free link below the images for FULL access

Featured :-Access All Profiles ( Lancashire, Preston ) I'm a novice transvestite although I'm trying my best to be as convincing as possible ..I'm bisexual and here to meet with males, females & couples...

When meeting with single guys I will only meet with guys that are over 40 plus, as I'm 34 and don't want to be meeting with someone much younger than me.. I'm would class myself as a novice TV that lives in West Lancs and I'm happy to travel to meet you as I'm unable to accommodate..

I do love dressing and its been something I've been thinking about for years and now recently started acting on these feelings, in fact my xdressing urges started when I was 11 / 12 and whilst I've tried to stop I keep returning back to it.

Bit about me, I'm 5'10" and quite slim and I think have a good dress style and I've posted a photo so you can see me, I've not posted one showing my face, but if you drop me a line I've got some ready to forward on..

Because of my current situation I'm not fully smooth but I do have the luxury of not being a very hairy person so naturally smooth, of course my face is clean shaven ( a beard tranny doesn't look good lol).. When wearing stockings I use opaque and that pretty well covers my legs and gives a smooth effect..(least I'm honest). I do dress fully with make-up and make every effort to be feminine in every other way. What am I looking for, I'm here to meet other TVs/CDs for chats local to me and will chat with any age trannies, but I also have sexual desires so males over 40 and (more)

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  • Access All Profiles (Lancashire, Preston):- ok I'm here for a bit of fun, anyone interested? I'm crossdresser and just a guy that enjoy dressing in female clothing and enjoys taking on the role of being a female and just here to meet up with similar members and building some friendships that are like me or share the same interest. I've been dressing since I was VERY young and it was two much older step sisters that used to dress me as girl and I suppose I just enjoyed it and wanted to be like them and its kinda stuck and I still enjoy but now want .. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Lancashire ):- I'm letitia tv thats after some fun with male admirers. I'm 27 and live n Lancashire and would love to hear from guys that enjoy the company of sexy TVs. I've been involved in the scene for 4 years now and I have a good selection of outfits and dream of one day becoming a female as I'm currently taking hormone and maybe one day go all the way. I'm looking for guys that will treat me as a female as I'm passive so please don't ask whether or (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( TV/TS/ CD ):- I'm a submissive bondage tranny slave from Lancaster thats looking to meet with a dominant male. I'm 20 years old and dress all the time and have a very convincing look and just want to be someone's slave now as thats all I think about is being used by a dominant man. I have few limits and happy to discuss safe words and what you want to use me for. I have gags. (more)

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