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Want to date Blackburn transvestites? w ell step right this way as not only can I direct you straight towards loads of local Blackburn trannies but easy access to personals right across the North West ;o)

Whether your looking for some local tv/ts/cd talent or maybe your looking for a clubbing partner based in Manchester we have everything under one site to help you find local personals fast, easy and with some fun thrown in for good messure...after all it doesn't just have to be about sex all the time ....I think I need help after that statement ;o)

Finding local Blackburn transvestite members has never been so easy and to give you some idea we've posted this introduction page that offers a few sample adverts laced by Blackburn tv/ts/cd members...enjoy and for details on contacting members see the right hand side collum

Feature :-Access All Profiles - (Birmingham) I'm a discrete Transsexual thats seeking some guidance & hopefully encouragement so that I can better sexually pleasure males.

I understand what being discrete mean and I'm totally smooth all over with long hair and real small breasts. I joined this site as I'm a little on the shy side and would love to meet with others including females that would help me come out of my shell and not forgetting a tad bit of fun along the way...

I am a submissive transvestite thats been complemented on my oral skills and I've been told my " head" is good but I would be keen to take this to another level maybe going from the mild to soft BDSM I current enjoy to extremes and being used as a bondage TS slut with tag fucking, bukkake / gangbang etc. Saying all this if any guys would like a LTR and want to settle down with a kinky TS then (more)

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More samples below .........check them out then join us

  • Access All Profiles ( Blackburn TV/TS ) :- Hiya all I'm after a bit of NSA fun as I've just come out of a LTR that like most was pretty crappy towards the end and now want to have some NSA fun and enjoy and hopefully start forgetting. I'm happy to meet all members just no hairy ones pls that means both sexes as I don't like hairy guys/ trannies and dislike a hairy fanny. A little about me, I've been dressing for years and start when I was 16 and just love my feminine side although it is only fun as I don't want to be a female I just enjoy dressing as one and then have fun with others. I'm 36 slim and pretty convincing although I've never been out and I'm really not interested either as I'm happy to meet up at yours or mine. I'm not after any serious just fun meeting up with others that enjoy the company of a feminine TV. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Blackburn Rubber Tranny) :- I love wearing rubber, pvc & latex in fact ANYTHING thats skin tite as I do love the second skin feeling. I'm not into the S&M / bondage side just the fetish or wearing ultra skin tight outfits and then meeting up for some wet messy sex. I have a good section and looking to meet with another rubber tranny for some fun. I would love to go to a fetish / rubber club but I'm pretty sure it would be a case of heading of to Amsterdam, anyone fancy coming along we could share a bed / room ;o) I will travel to meet other rubber trannies but want to keep it in the NW. I'm not looking to meet guys that wear rubber just trannies only (more)
  • Access All Profiles( TS Blackburn ) :- just joined and I'm really new to the onto personas sites and rght now struggling to find my way around, although did stumbled into the chatroom yesterday and ended up there most of the night chatting to members all over the place, made some great friends. I'm a single transsexual in Blackburn thats bi and happy to meet with all members that know how to enjoy themselves. I'm not into anything kinky and just like meeting up and seeing just what comes up !! I do use some clubs mostly in Manchester as I do enjoy the The Village so if you want to come along with me drop me a message and party. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Blackburn pantyhose sex ) :- hello, I have a passion for wearing pantyhose and looking to meet with other dressers that love wearing pantyhose. I'm single so can meet at mine and only looking to meet with other dressers that enjoy sex whilst wearing pantyhose. I love oral / anal and wrapping my smooth legs around another as we rub and tease ourselves whilst in hose. I do dress fully and have just gone red head, what do you think ? I've posted some new photos. I'm able to accommodate but you must be discreet as I have a lot of window twitchers where I live ( sure I spelt that wrong ) but so long .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( newbie CD ) :- I've been dressing off and on for the last ten years although only recently been able to dress fully and not just a rush job when the wife wasn't around . I really want to dress as convincing as possible and as I'm now able to be smooth my legs don't look bad when in stockings as I did hate the look before seeing my hairy legs inside tights, it just didn't look right, but then there was nothing I could do about it, now as a single guy I'm smooth and looking at doing the best I can. I'm struggling with make up as I just don't seem to be able to get it so looking to meet with a more experienced crossdresser / transvestite that will help me. I'm bi and have been bi a lot long than a CD so don't need any help in pleasing another guy/ cd/tv..(more)

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