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The Huddersfield transvestites scene is nestled between two of the biggest Northern TV/TS regions but don't for one second think the local Huddersfield TV/TS scene isn't just as active is

Although as an admirer of tgirls I do take great offence to so called encyclopedia website saying Huddersfield is known for its rugby ground....have they never looked at the local sexy gurls..clealy NEVER ;o) and thats just what I'm going to put right as its about time that the Huddersfield trannies had a soapbox and thats where we come into play

As a nationwide adult personals website we have thousands of contacts going right across West Yorkshire and whilst being a part of Borough of Kirklees the local Huddersfield transsexual member base in its own right is much so we have this feature page and can offer direct access into local members ( try the free link below) and a feature is below ...why feature, read and you'll see ;o)

Feature:- Access All Profiles (young TS Huddersfield) Seeking CD / TV / TS..Hello just to let you know I've updated my personals advert with some new pics check them out yummm

Thanks for reading my advert, and having just had the most unbelievable sex and the feeling of cock inside my ass I wanted to update it as I'm keen to hear from others that want to fuck me like a dirty tranny whore... AS I LOVE IT and want more..

I would class myself as have a good well shaped Transsexual figure with a nice round bottom and a fully funcing 8 inch cock! I'm NOT looking for admirers, so thanks for the emails but your wasting your time but here to meet sexy & convincing TS for naughty fun meets

I do enjoy a bit of role play and can be a dominant TS or a sluuty submissive ts begging you to thrust your cock as hard & fast as you can inside me. Update if your one hell of a charmer I may meet admirers as you've probably gathered I love getting fucked (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Huddersfield ):- I'm here to explore as I'm a Bi curious crossdresser thats looking for females, males and other CD/TV/TS Hey my name is Steve and I'm a twenty something CD that just loves getting dressed in girlie outfits and being girly, now I want to find out just how far I'm going to take that! I'm quite short at only 5'5 with green eyes. I've always had a thing for girls pantes, and I know most males have but mine is wearing them especially thongs and when I was younger had to 'borrow' them now I have my own plus lots more other outfits and girls clothes and over time I've built up a good wardrobe of skirts, dresses, tops, bras, knickers, PJs, heels plus lots more. I'm not 247 as I don't think I would pass but do get changed once I get home and enjoy wearing my nice outfits or sometimes I'll just get into some pretty PJs lol. I've never had sex with a guy which is why I've joined as my curious levels have been building and its about time I acted on them. I do enjoy anal play and I'm very good at pleasing myself but its wanting to try the real thing and meet with members that will treat me as a female (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Huddersfield TS):- Hello I'm Suzzie a transwomen thats been full time for the last 4 years since moving to Huddersfield. When I moved here I moved as a female so no one knows whats hidden away inside my knickers and one of the main reasons I've not posted any photos "just" in case. I'm looking for a LTR with a man thats straight, masculine and bi build as I do have a thing for REAL men not skinny guys. I'm not into the local TS/TV scene but do enjoy going out often to good restaurants. Males will need to be around my age group so 35-50 max. and be single and because I've been caught out before will wan to meet at yours at some stage just to make sure your.. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( sub TV Huddersfield ) :- I'm a submissive TV thats wanting to meet with dominant members either m/f/c or other dominant transvestites. I'm not out as I don't fully dress ( I don't use make up) but otherwise everything else I dress. I've had an interest in the BDSM scene for sometime as I would love to serve a dominant person of any sex. I'm not greatly into pain just for the sake of getting pain but do enjoy some spanking and slapping, but would like to be someones slave so that they can humiliate me either privately or in company and if any cuckold couples would, like to use my services I'd be very happy to hear from them. I do love wearing latex / rubber and have just ordered my first tv maids uniform and keen to try .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( New TV for friendship ) :- hiya I'm a bit of a newb thats here to meet other tvs only for friendship, maybe more we'll see. I live alone in Huddersfield so meeting at mine is no trouble but I am only looking to meet other TVs as I do need a bit of helping hand with my look. I've been dressing for about 5 yrs and have probably spent more on my feminine look than male clothing lol, but I still don't seem to be able to find the right look. I need the careful help from a tranny gurlfriend. I am bi but its not just about the sex as I do want to build friendships with benefits if you get me..(more)

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