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When it comes to meeting with Buckinghamshire transvestites all you need do is ask....politley ;o) and not only can we help but open the doors to loads of possibilities meeting with transvestite in Buckinghamshire, want to know more?

you maybe wondering just why a swingers website has a feature on Buckinghamshire tgirls and the reason is simple ....because we have thousands of personals looking for every type of meet you could every want....and some you've never considered

Whilst the internet has loads of dedicated transvestite personals website's most are featureless and not used which means member numbers are low and thats certainly something you can't say here which is why we've added this dedicated fact use the free link below and check out for yourself ....but before you do that want to see some featured t-babes? enjoy

Profile :- Access All Profiles (Bucks)I'm a mature TV thats after some local friends and meet with others for fun times and photo sessions as I do love having my photo taken whilst with others, which you can probably tell from my profile

I wife doesn't approve and very disapproving so I'm very much in the closet which does limit my meets and also means limited opportunities to meet others and dress, but this does mean when I can the chance I like to party and have fun..

I'm slim and once fully dressed I think quite convincing but I limit my dressing to just outfits / clothing only as using make up unfortunately leaves too many tell tale signs!!

My look is innocent but can be slutty depending on your preference but I'm a passive TV (bottom only) and I don't have a dominant streak in me so if your looking for a active / dominant TV then you better look elsewhere as thats not me. I'm here to meet admirers or other TV's and would be keen to hear from female admirers as I've never had sex with a female whilst dressed although (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Buckinghamshire ):- I'm Claire and as you can see from my pics I'm a a convincing Trannie thats after a bit of fun meeting up with males, couples and groups. I do love wearing rubber & leather or should you prefer will take on the role of being a sissy maid looking to please others. Drop me a private message and lets have fun. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Buckinghamshire ):- I've been looked around for a partner and not had much look so I thought I'd try this site to find my ideal partner that enjoys meeting with feminine transvestites. I'm looking for regular meets and not just one off frill seekers I'm keen to explore my sexuality with someone that enjoys the company of very feminine tvs. I'm open minded and will consider most "sane" suggestions as I don't know fully what I'm looking for, other than the fact that I prefer others to take control. i'm very genuine and looking to meet nice people for chats and hopefully arrange meets.. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Buckinghamshire ) :- I'm a single tgirl thats looking to meet male admirers only. I love sex outdoors in public locations around Bucks. I know lots of places we can meet and last week sucked a guy off in a lay by whilst sat on a park bench and then walked into a small lane and was fucked. Drop me a line and I'll tell you were I'll be and we can meet up. I'm very convincing and happy to meet for daytime meets. I'm single and can accommodate if your not into the outdoor scene but i love it and get very .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Buckinghamshire ) :- Ive just come out with some friends and relatives,most have accepted me and to those that won't ...its your loss lol..I'm looking to meet tgirls for fun nights out as now that I've come out I want to start getting out and socialising with others going to tv bars / clubs. My look is good as I've been working on it for a few years and I think more than passable, you tell me, i've posted pics. I'm not looking for guys other tv/ts/tgirls that are out as I really want to get out and start enjoying myself. I'm bi and have .(more)

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