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Think that Milton Keynes is just roundabouts and nothing else, well clearly you've not checked out some of the Milton Keynes Transvestites members we have and thats just why we've posted this page...

Whether your new to the MK transvestite scene and looking for advice, help or your a seasoned tranny ( polite way of saying mature tranny ;o)) thats looking to build some new local contacts we at Swingers Zone can help, although with the amount of Milton Keynes tgirls it really should be Tranny zone ;o) .....which BTW if you just want to jump straight into accessing the local tv babes you can have free access to below, more on that as well

It really isn't a case of how to find Milton Keynes trannies its when your going to join us and considering we offer either free and paid memberships you can do so for free ( details here) ...And with our free local access you can see why so many admirers & trannys turn towards us for local meets..

The reason we offer free access to local members is because we have nothing to hide and with loads of contacts across this region its easy to make contacts ...So ......anyone want to see some local members? enjoy below and join us TODAY to get into the local MK transvestite scene and start having some fun

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Note - this site is for adults only due to the adult nature of this site!

  • Access All Profiles ( Milton Keynes ):- I'm a bisexual male thats also enjoys wearing panties, tights ( pantyhose) and thongs. I don't fully xdress and I have no illusions that I'm a guy that just loves the feeling of wearing tights and ladies knickers. I love the feeling when wearing these especially with tights and will often wear them under my suit during the daytime. I'm looking to meet with other guys for some fun at night at dogging sites locally around MK. I don't do anal but will give the best BJ you'll ever had from a tights wearing CD ;o) Update I've no lost my cherry and loving getting fucked so any guys want to meet up I know an ideal dogging site where you can fuck me silly and . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Milton Keynes ):- I'm Kate a convincing Tgirl from MK thats after some dressing fun. I love the feeling when I'm dressed in sexy clothing & lingerie and I'm a very effeminate tgirl that enjoys meeting with females, couples and similar tgirls either at mine or yours. I'm almost totally smooth and when dressing do dress fully wear wig & make up. I did used to have a girlfriend that I was out with and she used to enjoy dressing me and would love to meet with someone similar as my desire to dress and be feminine has grown and hope to meet with other sexy people from this site that share my tgirl fantasies with. Thanks for (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( MK new TV ) :- I've only just come out and what fun that wasn't !! I'm now looking for some friends for fun nights out or in but it will have to be yours as my parents are still trying to get there head around me wanting to be a female. I'm 21 and slim, sexy and currently living in Milton Keynes although will be moving shortly to Birmingham. I don't mind where your from as I can travel and will be traveling between MK & Bham most weekends so can meet in between. I'm only looking for other trannies and building friends rather than just fuck buddies, but I'm not saying .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( MK Tranny ) :-I'm a slim transvestite that lives in Milton Keynes and have a very slim, athletic figure ( dress size 10) and love dressing tasteful but sexy as I don't really like the slutty look. I'm extremely convincing and often go out to bars and clubs but I'm not really into the tv scene and prefer straight bars, this does mean when I'm approached by guys I end up running lol ..I do have a passion for killer heels which does mean when considering males I will only meet with guys that are over 6 foot. I'm a 100% the real deal and dress fully right down to my painted nails (feet as well) . Sexually I would class myself as open minded and happy to try most things but will only consider meets with males and males that are tops as I want to treated like a female and I'm not about to fuck a guy. Drop me a message .(more)

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