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Whilst its true Basingstoke is infamous for all its roundabouts you'll soon see that the Basingstoke transvestite scene is just as infamous.....least with admirers and other trannies alike, if you want to meet with contacts then look no further

On the North East of Hampshire this large town not only offers a great local scene but easy access onto the M3 and straight into tranny haven ;o) but if you are not into the bright city lights and prefer a more local fun then you won't find a better local scene than local Basingstoke transvestites and right now you are accessing one of the largest member websites.

We are offering non members a chance to check out some of our Basingstoke trannies and free samples posted below ...enjoy and join us soon:

Feature :- Access All Profiles (Basingstoke TV) I decided to let a close personal friend of mine write my profile as I thought someone else could write a better personal advert ...please I'm sure had I done it it would have come across brazen with sounding a tad desperate for SEX.... I've amended a few things as some details weren't strictly true and I suppose my fault for giving her my password..;o) but it got me started

I've been dressing on and off for sometime now and live in Basingstoke alone so accommodating isn't a problem likewise traveling also. I've been bi curious for a while and it was only after I admitted to a friend about this that I decided to do something about it and look for local contacts, but I'm only here to meet similar cd/ts for chats initially then maybe something else later on...I'm NOT looking for admirers..

Its only when you read a lot of the adverts on here you see that many of the members are just looking for sex and whilst I'm not ruling out jumping into bed its not top of my list, I'm more so interested in getting to know others and sharing some dressing experiences as so far my life had been an almost solitary affair but since being a member here I've had a lot of messages and would like to thank everybody that has become friends both locally and online and its actually has shocked and flattered me. I'm nowhere near ready (more)

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Want more? Then enjoy the samples below plus make sure you use the free link to gain access to all members from across Basingstoke and North East Hampshire and by using the link below you can also gain access to all contacts across this and all other regions:

  • Access All Profiles ( Basingstoke TV/CD/TS ) :- let me first say I do have a bit of kink for ANYTHING large being used on me whether thats a guy with a VWE cock, fist ( I do love getting fisted) or the use of large sex toys, if any of those interest you then read on as we need to meet up !! I'm been Cross Dressing for about 12 years now and would say I'm passable but NOT out so all meets are at my home. I'm average build ( dress size 12) and I'm smooth all over with a cute bottom that never looks right until its got a big cock buried deep inside or someone's fist ! I keep myself totally smooth and do expect when meeting up with other CDs/TVs the same, guys I don't mind a bit of hair. I am quite shy which is what lead me to joining a personals website as its been a while since I was with someone and theres only so much solo fun you can handle. If you want to meet (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Basingstoke TS ) :- Hello I'm a full time TS thats here for a LTR with a guy...Now if your still reading hopefully the idea of a someone more than just a quickie shag with a transsexual interests so so please read on.I live my life as a women and I'm very lucky that I work as a graphic artist from my home so don't have to worry about a boss. I've not had a sex change although do have my own breast and long hair but I still have my little secrete thats inside my knickers and thats guys where it stays!! If you've seen TS porn vids where the tranny fucks the guy then dream on thats not going to happen here and (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Basingstoke TV/TS/CD ) :- I'm new to the site and living in Basingstoke and after a bit of extra fun. I'm a closet TV and whilst some friends have said I'm passable I just don't have the confidence to get out, plus I can have all the fun at home, assuming you come to me. I have a huge collection of outfits but love wearing pvc/ latex / rubber and would spend all my cash on the Skin Two site given the chance! I keep myself smooth and whilst I use some make up I don't go over board and its just a bit of light foundation to help with loosing my shaved chin. I'm here to meet with males only for a bit of fun and some role playing games as I do like being a naughty tranny and getting my bottom spanked normally whilst wearing latex panties and (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Basingstoke TV ) :- Im Clare a forty something TV thats now single and free to have some fun. I've been divorced for 8 mths and though it was about time I got back into the personals scene and meeting with others. When I was married I used to go dogging locally and know just about all the safe locations around Basingstoke and if you enjoy the outdoor scene let me know and we can arrange to meet, if however you want to the comfort of my bed ( never dreamed I would say that ) drop me a line and we can chat about meeting up. I have had a few messages from members but please put some effort into your message other than " I'll fuck you", trust me you won't. also I will want to meet up online and find the cam 2 cam chatroom a great place and meet and talk about .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Basingstoke CD ) :- I don't fully dress and certainly don't use make up, but I do love wearing sexy lingerie, tights and would love to hear from similar xdressers for some oral / anal fun. I'm single so meeting at mine is fine, but also I'm on the road a lot traveling most places so even if your not local drop me a line and maybe we can meet up in a hotel room as it does get a bit boring. I do enjoy some mild bondage with a bit of spanking and .(more)

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