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The West Midlands BBW members are just about as big as they get....and I'm referring to the member numbers not just the size of these Midlands BBW females ...and couples ...

When you have a region the size of the West Mids the very first thing that comes into your mind ( once you take your thoughts away from the VERY sexy BBW Midlands photos) is just how easy is it to access local contacts....

I don't know the size of this region but it stretches out across 4 / 5 large counties...Well first let me assure you finding & meeting with West Midlands BBW swingers is the least of your problems.....the hardest is working out which member you going to send a message too... theres REALLY that many

But first want to access some of those members? enjoy.. Just a note regarding the samples posted here, as they are current members details and images have been edited for member privacy reasons, members have full access

Feature:- Access All Profiles ( Single BBW Female ) I'm young, fun and when meeting singles, couples and tvs discretion as always top of the list, if your not discreet pls don't message me..

I'm a 31 year old BBW female living in the west mids and looking for local meets, although I would prefer member around my own age group so if you think your old enough to be my grand parents its unlikely I will respond to your message.

Here is some info about me, Iam a BBW women with tits that can only be classed as impressive ( and yes I'm happy saying so) and to say you sending me a message asking just how big my tits are they are 42g..

I enjoy meeting up with others chatting and exploring limits new heights but that doesn't mean to say the moment we meet up I'll be on my knees sucking your cock as I will want to get to know you. I would class myself as a submissive bbw and by day a princess, but once in the bedroom a slut .

I have been known to head towards the cam chatroom here so that we can meet up in real so to speak, but rules of meets will apply if on cam and that means watching. When contacting me especially for cam meets please message me first and don't just assume we can meet, as those will be ignored plus I think its polite to introduce yourself first and rather than the usual post something that will get my attention

Yes I'm happy to meet with bi, straight, curious people of any sex but I don't meets bores. I'm NOT single and seeing someone that doesn't know I'm a member of a swingers site, hence the need for discretion so please don't .. (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Midlands Single Female ):- I'm only here to meet wth single guys as I'm a straight BBW women ...yes I know shocking a women thats straight on a swingers website, must be a first ;o) If the Intros are what makes you run a mile that one probably did it. Im not perfect women I have some flaws mostly around intolerant people as I don't take them well. I would class myself as being an outgoing, intelligent, loyal women thats does have quite an sexual adventurous side and theres little I won't consider, whether I'll try it is another thing. When contacting me please don't just send a wish list or a thousand and one questions, what are you looking for, do you do anal, can my friend join in, all thats does is wind me up. I am a passionate women that loves life and lives it to the full and looking to meet men that I can share some fun experiences with. However, please don't take my openness to mean that I want a partner I DON'T, I joined a swingers website not Match so please don't expect ' (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( BBW couple West Mids ):- Thanks for checking our ad out, w e are fun, clean couple thats just after a bit of extra spice and are looking for discrete members as we are happy to hear from all. When meeting we are happy to either play alone or same room sex and as I'm bi happy to meet with bi females although do have a preference for other BBW bi females. My partner is as straight as they come and will not consider bi males even if in couples. We are up front and honest with the types of people we will meet and don't mince our words. We are happy to meet up for a social but also just as happy meeting at ours and having some fun, its really what your comfortable with. A little bit about us, I'm a BBW with 38F bust, blonde so basically if you not like full figured woman then you mite as well stop reading as we are not the couple for you. I've posted some photos that show use with a few contacts we've made from here so if it all looks a bit confusing its because its over a few months and NO we didn't go to a gangbang, interesting idea but not .. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( dogging BBW W.Midlands ) :- Short and sweet just like my horny wife !! we are looking for guys for some outdoor dogging meet local to us. I want to watch her getting fucked by as many guys as possible outdoors and we know a few safe dogging sites we can meet at. As you can see she love anal, oral and game for a DP so long as I'm around and watching. I'm not into the humiliation side to cuckold just want to watch guys fucking my fat wife. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( BBW fuck buddy ) :- I'm a VERY busty Bbw thats not after anything long term or even kinky, I'm just looking to meet with a guy that will be my fuck buddy for some casual NSA relationship. Ideally after someone that I can call a friend so we can chat buy I'm not looking for boyfriend / partner just a guy that we can text each other when sex is required. I'm easy going and enjoy most straight things and sex for me about letting the man lead and I'll follow so I'm not about to tie you up and put a strap on on. I am a bigger women and thats a pretty good appetite for sex and I've joined this site as I'm getting fed up of playing alone and my vibs are just not hitting the . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( bbw bondage ) :- I'm a non pro domme bbw that enjoys the bondage and S&M scene. I posted that I'm not a pro domme as some members think I charge for sex and I don't I do it for my pleasure, and hopefully yours. I have a very active and fertile imagination and love trying out new and expecting experiences and like to push the limits of sex. I am a big women that 5'7 size 22 to 24 42dds so yes you will have to enjoy the company of dominant bbws otherwise sod off !! I'm only looking to meet sub guys as I'm the dominant one and I never switch not for any man, maybe a women but right now I'm not looking for domme bi fems. I do have a adventurous side and enjoy watersports, fisting, spanking and bondage. I also have lots of toys that I like to use on my slaves so be warned anal insertions YOU bet, and if your never had your . (more)

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